Walking My Creatures

Walking My Creatures

Last Sunday when it was too wet to ride, I ventured out to the farm anyway since my trainer texted and said it was dry enough to trail ride around the property.  All morning I had been in a particularly foul mood, and I figured some pony time would help.

During my hour+ commute to the barn where I encountered crazy stop and go traffic andgigantic cycling race, I started to doubt my idea to leave my dwelling of grumpiness.  That changed as soon as I got Simon out and especially once I got on to walk my creatures.

I call pretty much any animal with fur and four legs a creature.  For me, it’s a term of endearment.  I have three dog creatures and one horse creature.  My husband is not a creature, even though he sometimes acts like one.

On Sunday, horse creature was really excited for some human interaction and the chance to stretch his legs.  We tooled around the property on the buckle, and I took a lot of ‘through the ear’ pictures.



One good thing about all the rain is just how green everything is.  I will not have to worry about Simon getting enough grass!


Even though we call this trail riding, there aren’t any actual trails.  I just stuck to walking along the pastures and up the driveway.


Basically, we traveled anywhere that was dry since horse creature may or may not be deathly afraid of deep mud and puddles.  He knows what footing he likes, and he sticks to what he likes.


While horse creature was very pleased about his walk, dog creature was fucking thrilled.  I guess Pascale’s case of cabin fever was worse than mine, as evidenced by this video.

Puddles are life… at least to her.

So one of my creatures loves water and one does not.  Either way, it was a pleasant way to spend half an hour strolling along with no agenda or purpose.

Like I said, things have been riveting around here. Simply riveting.

23 thoughts on “Walking My Creatures

  1. that looks super relaxing! the best cure for a low mood 🙂

    also – my mom refers to my nephew as ‘creature’ and i laugh every time lol

  2. Ahhhh Pascale! Dog creature was happy creature for sure! I think you need to do a post about the electric fence…I’m curious about using it, but the hippo mares will likely kill it. It just looks so dainty!

  3. I think I might have been tempted to put horse creature in the car and leave dog creature at the barn after that. Horse creature was certainly cleaner!

  4. “While horse creature was very pleased about his walk, dog creature was fucking thrilled.” I LOL’d so hard at this. Oohh dogs and puddles.

  5. How cute. Your dog creature looks like she was having the best time of her life. Bless Simon for being so good about it all!

  6. Funny stuff! I have a lab so I know ALL about puddles, mud, and anything even remotely wet!!! We call that maneuver “getting his crazy on” – that’s Tobi’s go-to when he gets excited. :0)

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