Crochet Fly Bonnet – Finding the Pattern

Crochet Fly Bonnet – Finding the Pattern

Ever since my last DIY Crochet Equine Fly Bonnet post, I’ve been working on my crochet and bonnet making skills.  The crochet part is going great.  My stitches are getting more even and quicker, and I’ve tried out some different trim techniques that look really good to me.


The problem is the damn pattern.

People have been emailing me and asking on instagram for my bonnet pattern, and my response should be that I wished I had one!  Honestly, I’m not a great “follow instructions” person and learn in a hands on way, but there’s been a lot of trial and errors.

Why so many bonnets mom?
Why so many bonnets mom?

The beautiful black and lime green bonnet I made on vacation?  I tried it out on Simon before adding the ears, and it looked great from the front!

Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!

But waaaaaaaaaay too short on the sides.  Side note – is this a good enough bonnet for a blog giveaway?  It would probably only work on smaller horses with quite narrow heads… but I hate to toss it completely.

Oh no :(
Oh no 🙁

I also had another bonnet I was working on, and tried it on him.  It was an even worse fit.

Teeny micro bonnet?
Teeny micro bonnet?

So I went home and redid it, adding much more length to the sides.  Much better!

More betterly
More betterly

Then I crocheted more down to see where the V should start.


Way too long.  With trim and the V, it would cover his eyes.  A blind horse is not a good jumper.

So I re-did it, thinking I had the perfect pattern!


Nope.  By the time I add trim to this, it’d be too close to his eyes.  Also, I think the V isn’t big enough for my liking.

Basically this is nothing more than saying DIY bonnet patterns aren’t nearly as easy as crocheting.  Maybe I’ll get it eventually?

31 thoughts on “Crochet Fly Bonnet – Finding the Pattern

  1. I think I know someone who would love the lime green bonnet! And these are awesome. It’s so hard finding a bonnet in B’s turquoise/teal color :/ But my friend has a paint and she is OBSESSED with the lime green… I’ve crocheted since I was 12 and can’t believe I never thought of this. AWESOME!

  2. Have you thought about doing it to measurement? Either by looking at a fly bonnet that you know you fits Simon, or by looking at a bonnet that’s not quite right and thinking whether it needs another quarter inch or so to get there. If you were really going to be picky about it you could work out the gauge and figure out a pattern in reverse, exactly how many stitches it would take to get you to a certain shape/size/length.

    I used to have a pattern, ages ago, but I never ended up trying it. I’d probably do the same as you are, just freehand it.

  3. If you would like to see my pattern, email me at bettyscustoms(at)gmail(dot)com .. There is a trick to forming the ear holes which also makes the sides fit better under the bridle . And even with the pattern I am often making adjustments on the fly.

    1. Hello Betty, from Noordhoek, Cape Town – the heart of horsies on the southern tip of Africa 🙂 I am so keen to try making crochet ear veils – would you mind sharing your pattern with me? My email address is I would so appreciate it. I have two daughters competing in show jumping and eventing and they love ear veils of all different colours and I’d love to make them up myself 🙂 Well, I ‘d love to try 🙂 Much love, Lucinda

  4. Dino says he would like the black and lime green bonnet because he is a midget, AND already has a saddle pad to match! 😉 But for serious, that binding on the edge looks GREAT!! You just need to keep trying and making mistakes and then write down what works. 🙂

  5. I hear practice makes perfect, so I have no doubt you’ll nail it in no time & be rocking the blogosphere with awesome smtt bonnets in O time.
    Love the pattern & colours of the lime green one.

    Fingers crossed you get it worked out soon, I am so un-crafty that I am in complete awe of all your talent!

      1. Betty do you mind sharing with just anyone? I’d love to try your pattern! I’d tried a couple, and they’re all just kinda meh. Pointy with fringes type. Not the really nice looking ones 🙂

      2. so how would someone get your pdf? my daughter wants me to make her a bonnet for her horse but does not care for the filet patterns, she wants something more solid like the one pictured, however the person who made that one does not seem to have a pattern a person could follow and im not a wing it person i like to have a pattern.

  6. It’s cool you are still trying! Maybe looking at a store bought on might help some people. Someday I want to make my own burgundy with navy and white trim, but I don’t know how to crochet more than a straight line(if I even remember that) so it’s not happening anytime soon. It looks cute though! Maybe you can start a small business once you make a good pattern?

  7. i applaud you for even trying – crochet is somehow beyond me. your stitches do look great tho! and yea… meanwhile, i can think of a cute chestnut cob-sized mare who might suit that tiny black w lime trim bonnet 🙂 lol

  8. I somehow missed your first bonnet post. Your bonnets are awesome! Your first effort was something I’d have been inordinately proud of. I could knit for Ireland but I’ve never been able to crochet. Now I want to make fly bonnets for my boys… this is going to be a winter project!
    If Betty B is willing to share her pattern with the whole world it would be great!

  9. I commend your diligence, I’d have thrown in the towel by now. Yarn has the ability to make me more aggravated than any other inanimate object lol

  10. Love the trim – looking good! So sorry getting the rest of the bonnet to fit is so difficult 🙁

    Simon makes an excellent model though!

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  12. Please could you tell be what size crochet cotton you used I made some pink ones for my daughter and her friend s to do charity ride

  13. Keep us posted on your progress! I’ve also been making these through trial and error. Don’t have a horse anymore but my sister in law does and I’ve been using her horses as “guinea pigs”. So far my biggest trial is getting the ears right.

  14. I would really like the pattern for this bonnet, I’m planning on making one for my pony but I cannot find any patterns and I would really appreciate if I could use the pattern! X

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