Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

For the first time since I became a horse owner sixteen years ago, I find myself falling into the weekend warrior category. At first I thought I’d be able to maintain my four day a week riding schedule through this transition period, but I’ve decided that just isn’t realistic. I have a lot of visitors/help in town, and I both want to see these people and chip away at my to do list during the week. When I did ride Tuesday evening last week, I spent about two hours in traffic just to get to the barn. Not my favorite or a good use of time.

The good news is, I can get a training ride during the week to fill in the gap and my horse is an awesome saintly type who doesn’t need riding 6 days a week. Thank you Simon pants for being the bestest.

My awesome pro friend was visiting last week, so Saturday when we headed to the barn she hopped on Simon. She’s ridden him before several times and likes him (who doesn’t? Just kidding), so it’s fun for me to see how they are together as he grows.

He was a good boy, even with her asking for higher levels of flatwork than I typically do. You’ll see in the video if you’re bored and want to watch it, that at first he’s like “Ugh hard!” but ugly faces are the most he does to protest. Once he knew what she wanted, he tried to do it.

Of course, Simon might have been on his best behavior because of this…


My mom texted me and said, “I sent Simon some horse treats!” I thanked her, and then realized when it arrived a few days that it was the largest box in the world. Simon was very pleased, I can assure you.

On Sunday, both my friend and I rode in a lesson. I hadn’t done courses since the horse show in early June, so both me and my horse were a bit rusty. Our warmup went well – Simon jumped the new liverpool folded out most of the way with no complaints, so that made me happy. The first course was very wild & wooly. I wasn’t balanced in the saddle at all, he was sticky over some jumps and I let him dive into every corner. Not. Pretty.

The second one was much better, and we ended on that. Changes were pretty non-existant on Sunday, but since I fixed the pace issue and went deeper into my corners I considered that a win. Can’t expect to be perfect with the limited riding time.

Even if I can’t ride much during the week right now, it’s still nice to get into my weekend lesson routine again.

20 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior

  1. he looks super happy to be out there with you in the lesson! seems like the current change in riding schedules will work just fine while you take care of everything else.

  2. Wow, go grandma! You guys look great, especially for not riding as often. Welcome (even temporarily) to the weekend warrior club 😉

  3. Yay for videos! Simon looks great! I had my pro friend ride Copper this weekend too! Yay for pro friends! I took videos of her on him too. We’re working on dressage type things.

  4. Sometimes the honest truth is that other things are a higher priority than our horses, and sitting around for a few days ain’t gonna hurt them. So glad you did ride over the weekend though. =)

  5. Even though your changes weren’t there, the course looked really great! The pace was awesome and you really used your turns to your advantage!

  6. Well half a change counts for something right? You look a whole heck of a lot better than my DQ self would have looked around that course so I give you props! Glad you’re getting to your lesson and god bless ammie-friendly horses who don’t mind having a few days off. Mine is like that too 🙂

  7. Holy cookies batman! What a lucky pony! Grandma’s are the best.
    Nice work in your lesson! Changes will come. It can be tricky to learn the balance you need for the change when getting used to a quicker pace. But you both look like you’re having a ton of fun!

  8. I second SprinklerBandit, Simon is turning into such a handsome beefcake (in a good way). Glad you are at least able to get barn time when you can.

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