From Feeling Blue to Practically Plaid

First off, thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments and suggestions about Simon. After I wrote that post, things actually took a turn for...

How to Have a Horse in Grad School in 10 Easy Steps

Are you foolish enough to move your horse across the country to join you during grad school, a time that's full of anxiety and...

I Love and Need This Spotted Pony

Okay, so he's not a pony but I love him anyway. His name isĀ Little Indian, and while part of me cringes at how that could...

Nerd Horse’s CA Digs

In other words, a barn tour. Simon has been a California resident for almost a month now. I've spent months worrying about how he would...

Marine Layer

I don't think I've ever been in a situation where all of my friends in my immediate surrounding are writers. It's not that I...


Power Blazer

I have a new secret weapon. Weeks ago, I had a moment where I wasn't having as much of a personal financial crisis. All summer I've desperately needed a new pair of jeans, so once I could breathe a bit easier I trotted off to Nordstrom Rack to see if...
I write about the things I love, the people I miss and the animals that have been by my side through it all.

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