Ze purse

What’s In My Purse? 2014

It’s really riveting around here.  Lame horse!  No motivation!  Eating chocolate and crying!  Only partially kidding on that last one… anyway, edge of your seat drama this is not.  I did manage to dredge up an old blog post from the past and do an update.

Though my adorable wicker bit purse from 2012 has long since disintegrated, I do have an equestrian 2014 purse to start with.

Ze purse
Ze purse

The victim is this lovely Ralph Lauren equestrian purse my Mom gave me for Christmas last year.  It’s not a very summery purse, but the good news is summer is almost over so it’s sure to be in fashion again come fall.  I do love all things Ralph Lauren, because they say “Lauren” and usually have ponies on them.  Fashion is better with ponies.


I call this first group of items “I am a woman and occasionally I should not smell like dogs or horses” also known as “You know, tinted lip gloss is acceptable in society”.  Who am I kidding?  Mostly from here I use the EOS lip balm and the lotion.  These are the normal purse items.


This is the misc group mixed with “why are you here?”  Misc items include sun glass case, husband’s spare care key, work key badge, Shout pen (I have big boobs… spills happen), a bracelet, Bert’s Bee’s, a power cord and a pen.  WTF items that slipped in here include an Oak colored stain pen… like for staining wood.  Also, a power cord that connects to a mystery device.  I have no idea what or where said device is.  Still, nothing really weird here.


Finally, a beat to hell Longchamp wallet/check book holder.  A vet bill that I already paid and keep meaning to file for records.  The weirdest?

A personalized pickle ornament.

Last Christmas, I saw Tim’s Aunt and she was like “Omg I found you this pickle ornament at the fresh market!  Is there Christmas pickle tradition we don’t know about?”  The pickle is green and shiny.  She wears a santa hat and a red scarf, and she says “Lauren” although the lettering has rubbed off in my purse so it’s more like “Lau e” now.  I don’t even like pickles, but I’ve been carrying it around with me for eight months.

So readers, what weird things do you keep in your purse?  More importantly, is there a Christmas pickle tradition or story that my entire family is missing out on?  At least we have the ornament squared away.

Simon's impression of Gene Simmons

Shameless Self Promotion

I am pretty good at missing blogging milestones.  To be fair, I’ve had a few things distracting me this year for sure.

It’s been a while since I’ve held a contest, so I kept thinking “I’ll hold one next time something significant happens at the blog.”  Lately, the only thing significant thing that happens around here is that something bad has happened to Simon.  I can’t afford to give out a prize every time that happens ;)

But at least he loves me?
But at least he loves me?

So I missed my 500th post, and being a self-hosted wordpress blog it’s really hard to accurately figure out how many subscribers I have.  The only stats I pay attention to are daily visits and Facebook followers.

And I’m oh so close to 500 Facebook followers ;)

You can probably tell where this is going… but when I get to 500 Facebook followers I shall post a fantastic She Moved to Texas blog contest!  I’m not sure what the prize will be, but it will be as fantastic as my poor ass self can handle.  Fantastic I say!

Simon’s impression of Gene Simmons

So if you haven’t already, head on over to the She Moved to Texas facebook page and give us a “Like”.  I only need 13 more people to get to 500.  It’s so close I can taste it!

Blog prize... one gimpy nerd horse!  Just kidding ;)
Blog prize… one gimpy nerd horse! Just kidding ;)

In the meantime… prize ideas for the financial struggle bus?  I know the #1 thing I want to offer already, but am curious for additional suggestions :)