What You Would Say On Your Blog! – Part I

Remember when I asked y’all what you would say on your blog if you could be 100% anonymous?  Well, the results are in!

Some responses are snarky, some are thoughtful and some are just plain interesting.  I will refrain from commentary and let people speak for themselves!

Since there were so many responses, I grouped everything into themes and will post in a small series over the next week or so.


Thoughts on our blogs themselves.

I met one of my best friends because of blogging.

Most of your blogs bore me to TEARS.

Luckily for me there isn’t much barn drama so I can’t say I hold back that often! But I do wonder where all the editing comes from, how we’re terrified to drop trainer names or barn buddies or barn owners- everyone just has an abbreviation! Hilarious :)


Thoughts on feedback, comments and overall respect.

I wish I could express more of my own opinions on things without getting a whole slew of not-so-constructive criticism. I’d love to tell a bunch of people that my opinions are just that – my opinions. I don’t expect anyone else to follow my lead on things, but I do expect some amount of respect.

I worked a job that sounded like an equestrian’s dream, but my manager totally ruined it for me. She sucked all the joy out of work by micro-managing and never supporting any of my decisions. I grew to secretly hate her and for several months after leaving my job, I avoided places where I thought I had a chance of running into her or anyone associated with the job. I was terrified she’d ruin my reputation in the area!

I’m really fucking sick of fellow bloggers FREAKING OUT about lameness in comments. Just because my horse took a few bad steps doesn’t mean he has EPM or will never be able to walk again. Seriously, take a chill pill!

I’m not a blogger, just a semi-regular commenter. I try to adhere to the ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ rule, but sometimes I want to tell people ‘take a f@#$ing lesson already!’ They go on and on about their struggles but expect their horse to magically improve.


Some don’t feel the need to vent at all.

Honestly — one of the core concepts of my blog is honesty & integrity, even if it means saying “wow, I fucked up.” And while I also strive to remain professional, if I disagree with something or view grossly unethical practices or bad horsemanship — I’ll call it out. Trying to think of something I wish I could say but “can’t” …..mmmm, nope, unless you count things where I would like to say “you are an idiot and just wrong” but I decide to use restraint and tact instead, haha.

I really would like to vent uncensored, but find the positive outlook is better for me.


True blogger confessions.

I put on a big show. I show across the country, but don’t place very well. I like to spin the results to build myself up in others’ eyes, but in reality, I’m just a scared ammy with big ambitions, a big pocketbook, and tiny balls.

My trainer doesn’t believe in me. They talk about me behind my back, treat me like a child, and never listen to what I have to say. They are selfish, rude, ignorant, and intent on pushing horses up and up the levels before they are ready. They believe they know better than a lot of people, including top level riders, and that it should always be their way or the highway. According to them, everything I try on my own is folly, and me taking my time in training is ignorance, not just being careful. The other riders at the barn ostracize me for no apparent reason. I don’t have a single friend there; nobody I feel I can truly count on. I feel like I am constantly surrounded by people who just want to cut me down or see me fail.


Money brings out strong feelings.

I am an average rider, I don’t have any special trainers and haven’t had any breathtaking opportunities (like riding with Grand Prix riders, showing at prestigious events, etc)… I’d love to write a blog post about the “backyard riders” that everyone seems to look down on. Sure, I don’t have the top of the line Tailored Sportsman breeches or own 50 different bridles, but I still can ride and enjoy my horse! Sometimes I feel like my readers look down on me because I’m not as wealthy, aspiring or “cool” as them. *shrugs* I don’t really know where I am going with this, other than whenever I see a “LOOK AT ALL THE LOOT I BOUGHT” post, I cringe and die a little bit inside because I know I will never have that freedom to buy a $500 bridle or riding shirt.

It would be interesting to have a frank discussion of the money angle. Lots of us have ads on our blogs, and I know I keep track of the ad revenue from mine and tweak it to go up or down. I have hopes of at least chipping in for my horse’s vet fund someday but am nowhere near that yet. I kind of wonder how other people are doing – and how many people are blogging for the money as a primary reason, rather than secondary.

Just because you ride in schooling outfits that cost more than my horse, doesn’t mean you’re better than me.

What the fuck do you do for a living to buy all this shit and spend uber amounts of money on the shit you say you are doing?

Some bloggers are really forthcoming about budget and you can see how they make it all work through scrimping or saving for certain things. But others seem to have found a pot of gold. How can you afford to go to all these AA shows and buy custom saddles and boots, plus new breeches, shirts and belts all the time?!


And then there’s this person, who may win at the internet.

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