DIY Post Fail

DIY Post Fail

I’ll be the first to admit it – this is one of those rare times where I’m not feeling very prolific.


We’ve had a lot of rain, and even a little of this…


So there’s not been a ton going on in the horse front.  I wasn’t able to ride at all on Saturday, and Sunday lessons were cancelled due to the crazy thunderstorm of death the night before.  We did make it out to the barn for a little trail riding, but that didn’t exactly make for great derby prep.


Checking the forecast this week, I’m not even sure the show will happen.  They’re calling for rain from Wednesday to Friday, which wouldn’t leave any time for rings to dry.  At this point, I’d rather the show get cancelled entirely since I can’t exactly prep for it with the weather.

I tried to save this blog’s content with some DIY crafts this weekend.  For a while, I’ve been wanting to make new points for my shadbelly since the actually cloth that makes up the ‘points’ is super simple to make.


While I like the yellow, traditional look… it’s pretty boring.


The other side of my points is a black with purple swirls, which is pretty and fun but does NOT show up well from a distance.  It just looks like the entire coat is black, which is no fun.


So I headed to the craft store and picked out two fabrics to try and make the same style as RJ classics.  Then I started taking DIY pictures in a confident, “I got this” kind of way.


Then I messed the first one up.

Then I messed the second one up.

Then I took a break, ate some ice cream and pouted.

Then I finally got something made, but by that point was so frustrated by the process that I took 0 pictures and decided I didn’t have any business trying to explain how to do this on the blog.

They do look pretty though.


It’s hard to see in the photos, but the fabric is a light blue with a ton of silver paisley.  The silver is pretty intense and it’s a tad blingy for me, but I figured it was fun and didn’t look too crazy from a distance.


Now that my points are done, the show will probably get cancelled and they’ll sit in the closet forever.  At least it gave me something to do on a yucky day!

What color/pattern would you want for points on a shadbelly?

21 thoughts on “DIY Post Fail

  1. I have a DIY planned for this week as well, but I’m hoping it isn’t a fail…we’ll see when I get to the barn if my saddle rack is still hanging from the rafters…lol

    I do like how your shadbelly turned out!

  2. really cool! What about a trim on the points? Is that allowed, does anyone even do that? lol Obviously that would be DIY 2.0 but I think some kind of contrasting trim/piping would look nice. That’s what I would want.

  3. I like the points you made! I saw mostly yellow points at the hunter derby over the weekend, but as a crazy print enthusiast, I would probably wear something totally insane.

    This is why I can’t ride hunters.

  4. Picking the fabrics for my custom points was the hardest and most stressful thing ever. Too many considerations about shininess, blending on to the other colors, how the pattern would look from far away, blah blah blah.

  5. love it!! i just got a shiny silver stock tie for dressage and think that it’s just the right amount of bling while still looking semi-traditional and classy

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