Saddle Woes & Waits

Saddle Woes & Waits

One of my “30 before I’m 30” items is getting a new saddle, but it wasn’t just because I like pretty new tack.  The fit on Simon’s saddle has gone from not ideal to pretty much abysmal.

With his bulking up over the summer, the tree width is officially too narrow for his shoulders.  That’s causing the back to rock and move even more than previously.  We went from occasional rocking, to having his hair under the back panels being rubbed off.

Saddle should not lift all the way off horse's back
Saddle should not lift all the way off horse’s back

So basically, I’m a horse abuser.

With that in mind, I headed to Chronicle with recent conformation pictures and said help!  I knew Simon needed a saddle with both wither clearance and a straight tree to match his straight back.  Got lots of ideas, and then someone contacted me from Farmhouse with a suggestion and lots of virtual saddle fitting knowledge.


So I took some more saddle fitting pictures of Simon, and she found a new saddle within my budget that she thought would fit our needs.  Keyword new saddle.  I didn’t even consider a new saddle within my budget, and the concept of choosing my exact seat size and flap made me a little giddy.  I took early Jan to send a lot of extra money towards my credit card to be able to afford new saddle, and yesterday I officially ordered a Prestige Roma Jump!


I figured one, two weeks tops to get it… and as my friendly helper at Farmhouse gleefully told me that she was just putting in an order so I wouldn’t have to wait two to three months… I realized my expectations were unrealistic.  End of February, maybe sooner.  Oh noes!

Luckily blogger friend Jen is to the rescue and has a hopefully better fitting than mine saddle I can borrow until mine comes in.  That’s a huge relief, because I don’t think I can handle another month of rubbing hair off my horse!

Now the waiting game for my new Italian treasure to come to me.  Come here faster my precious saddle!

32 thoughts on “Saddle Woes & Waits

  1. What a lovely saddle, wishing you well wear with it when it arrives!
    Gotta love the t’interwebs for such helpful & kind people

  2. I loooooove that color!! A friend of mine has all mahogany, reddish-brown tack for her horse and I always loved the look.

  3. Oh! A new saddle will be totally worth the wait! I will one day own a brand new one as well. Hallmark really needs to make a “new saddle leather” smell for people like us. 😉

  4. I have a secret love affair with Prestige saddles that I don’t think I’ve ever acknowledged anywhere except my eBay Saved Searches list. So jealous, it’s beautiful! Congratulations!

  5. I LOVE FARMHOUSE! They have the most incredible sale room. I go once a year when I visit family friends and it’s one of my favorite tack shops! Congrats on the new saddle!

      1. Everything you have heard is TRUE. Also you can call them and ask them over the phone if they have any good sale items in your size. Trust me… I have ended up with some awesome coats and breeches this way. (were talking Grand Prix for 100, TS for $20-100…) Great deals! 🙂

  6. Love new saddles! I have been fortunate to own a few almost new (barely used demos) saddles and it’s like a new car. SMELLS soooo good. Feels sooo lovely. Yum. I’ve tried a few Prestige models in 2012 but they put my short legs in a serious chair seat. I really really wanted the Meredith model to work, but alas, no. They are lightly adjustable, so hopefully they will work nicely for Simon 🙂

  7. Oooh, so jealous! I’m about to try some very old dressage saddles out for my gelding.I’m not in a position to buy new right now. Hopefully I can find a good fit for us both for the mostly schooling and hacking that I want to do. your new saddle is so pretty!

  8. Oooh, so preeety! Too bad the Amazon Air Drop doesn’t work yet. But just think, that extra time will be spent making a beeeeutiful saddle ALL FOR YOU!
    In the meantime, I hope the Ellis works for Simon. Let me know!

  9. Ooh, new saddle, like new new! I’m jealous, I have champagne taste when it comes to saddles, now that I’ve tried them, but no budget for them. I can’t wait to hear how your saddle works for you guys! And loving the standing btw. 🙂

  10. Love Farm House! They are so nice and the store is fantastic. I miss that they don’t come to FL shows anymore but I try to get to their store when I am in NC showing. Fingers crossed the saddle comes in early 🙂

  11. Those saddles are really nice, my coach rides in a similar Prestige. Did you have it fitted? If not, I know a lady who can size it based on the photos and using a tracer, she is excellent and deals with UL riders in dressage and show jumping.

  12. Small world, I just visited the Farmhouse this weekend with a friend of mine who lives in the area (Is it bad that this daycation was planned around tack shopping?) and after sitting in many many name brand – high end – new and used saddles I purchased this exact saddle! I got it home and it fits my mare well. I rode in it for the first time last night and it’s definitely comfy!

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