In Which I Steal a Haffie

In Which I Steal a Haffie

Fact: Jen lives about five miles from my house.

Also Fact: I love Haflingers.

Logical Conclusion: I must steal Paddington.


If a Haffie is haff a horse, they need haff a pasture right? Aka my urban back yard. And they cost haff as much right?!

You can see where this is going… Okay I didn’t steal him but I did get to ride him and basically we’re in love. Best friends forever. I will now refer to him as best friend Paddington.

Proof Jen was chaperoning the Haffie outing

Jen has this great trail system that connects to right by her house, so we went for a lovely trail ride. All the rumors about my new best Haffie friend are true – he’s such a fun little creature! Riding him gave me flashbacks to trail riding and doing hunter paces on my own little palomino hony that I learned to ride on.


We even got to ride up to a field so I could put the Haffie through his paces. So much fun! Makes me want to become an eventer… Almost 😉 seriously though, Paddy is green but he was an absolute blast to ride and a hard trying little horse. We even jumped a small bank where I giggled like a small child/idiot/haffy smitten person.

Moral of the story? Haffies are awesome. Stars come in all shapes and sizes.


32 thoughts on “In Which I Steal a Haffie

  1. My aunt owns a little haffie mare named Anastasia, I’ve ridden her a few times but mostly, even before I owned Red, I stuck to him or the smaller pony. She’s the sweetest thing, I personally wouldn’t own a haflinger because, I don’t know…stuck with my stock horses, haha, but I definitely wouldn’t turn down rides with one!

  2. I have a soft spot for Haffies. I’ll also jealous of all the blogger who have other bloggers in their back yard. Can we have a giant blogger meet and greet? Texas is close to WV, right?

  3. I hear from Jen that we’re going to be seeing you at MeadowCreek this Saturday…. you can ride my red demon too, but you might not enjoy it quite as much 😉

  4. OMG Haffies are the cutest. The first barn I rode at had a whole HERD of them, they were awesome. They were all named things like Hans and Gunther and Lars.

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