Saddle Fund

Saddle Fund

When I first started buying tack for Elvis, I didn’t see any point in buying anything name brand or nice.  I would get the cheapest of the cheap stuff off of Ebay, and think I was a whole lot smarter than people who spent mega bucks on fancy stuff.  Stupid them.

Then I decided I needed a Western headstall in light oil with silver conchos.  Had I shown Elvis western?  No.  Was I realistically going to show Elvis western?  No, but I still needed this head stall.  Instead of spending $200+, I went on ebay and bought one for around $40.  I’m so smart – go me right?

That was all fine and dandy until I was cantering around with my fancy new headstall and the rein broke.  As in broke off.  In my hand.  While I was cantering.

Since then, I’ve decided that quality really does cost more but it also lasts more.  With this philosophy in mind, I was surveying my tack and equipment this weekend as I cleaned out my tack trunk to get ready for the move.


I have a lot of stuff.  A lot of stuff I don’t use, and a lot of stuff I don’t need.  So I’m putting a ton of it up for sale, and setting it aside for a saddle fund.  Or nice Equifit boot fund.  Or something.  Fewer things, but higher quality.  Now I just need to get rid of the stuff!  If you see anything you like and want more info, just shoot me an email and I will send you a picture. I have pictures of most everything, and prices are pretty flexible and include shipping unless otherwise noted or you’re international.

Red track wraps (one has some holes in it but still usable). – Free to good home! Just pay shipping.
Black fleece Equine Couture polo wraps w/pink ribbon that has horse detail – $12
Black Intec Faux Fleece Galloping/Turnout Boots. Size Large – $20
Horze Navy Open Front boots, Cob (Medium) – $15

Camelot O/S Havana Padded Bridle w/Flash Attachment (no flash strap, no reins) – $12
Havana Sparkle Browband. Full. Padded w/silver Sparkles – $15
Leather Grooming Halter. Full. Good Shape – $15

5″ Korsteel French Link D Ring – $15
5″ Slow Twist Full Cheek – $15
5″ Twisted Full Cheek – $15
5.5″ Korsteel French Link Eggbutt – $15

Saddle Pads
Thinline Sheepskin Fitted Pad w/Shim Pockets. New was $300, has some repaired fleece damage (I assume from a dog, I bought it used). – $100 + Shipping
Black Baby Pad – $10
Black Equine Couture Pad w/pink ribbon that has horse detail. Some wear by girth – $15


New Black Ovation Fleece Ear Puffs, 3 unused – Free to good home. Just pay shipping.
Herm Sprenger System 4 Stirrups. Exc condition – $125 + Shipping
Nylon Side Reins w/Rubber Donuts. Horse Size – $15

Western Tack
Weaver One Ear Headstall. Horse size. – $15
Leather Western Reins. Good shape. – $15
Navajo Western Saddle pad. Thick fleece, not used much. Good shape – $30
Weaver Deluxe Synthetic Western Saddle. 15″ (I believe, need to double check). Good shape, includes girth. – $150

12 thoughts on “Saddle Fund

  1. I experienced a very similar evolution in terms of how I think about tack and quality and what is worth paying for. I was constantly dealing with fit issues and maintenance issues and thus always buying new (cheap) stuff. Then I finally realized if invest in quality, your gear and it will last for decades. I’ve currently got a bunch of random stuff we don’t use any more for sale on ebay. It’s feels good to get rid of it. Good luck getting yours sold!

  2. I’m in the same boat! I have a ton of stuff I don’t use, especially from my western days. I could literally probably completely outfit an open or 4-H level rider with western tack and apparel.

    I’d be interested to hear where all you are listing your stuff — craigslist hasn’t really been my friend thus far.

    1. So far I’ve done the Facebook group “English Tack Trader” (some interest, but I think I had my prices too high at the time), here and Craigslist. I plan on trying English Tack Trader again with the lower prices and maybe some updated pictures, and if a week or so I haven’t gotten rid of it all the rest will go on Ebay. Ebay is pretty much a last resort, but if you aren’t crazy with your prices the stuff will go away!

  3. I agree with this completely. I bought a lot of brand new stuff at first, but it was all cheap brand new stuff. It didn’t take me long to realize that it was worth about as much as I paid for it and now I’ve been painstakingly trying to replace a lot of stuff.

  4. I have a tack obsession. Without my mom giving me a good dose of reality, I would have spent hundreds of dollars on useless tack…Thankfully I’ve been able to find amazing deals on nice tack, like my new Circle Y saddle given to me by a super nice guy who bought one of our mini horses, and my new AQHA bridle….Wish I had room for more stuff…I’d buy some stuff from you, but sadly, my wallet can’t handle another load of tack being sent to my house! Rofl! Good luck selling!!!!!

  5. Amen to buying less, but higher quality items. I like the sounds of an EquiFit Boot fund. Man, those boots are drool worthy.

  6. Those are great prices!
    Another way to get rid of tack you no longer need is to donate it to your local horse charity and claim it on your taxes. Perfectly legal, and it helps a good cause.

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