The Saddle Saga Concludes

The Saddle Saga Concludes

I’ve spent about 48 hours ruminating over my new saddle, and I’ve officially decided to keep it.  Now that I’ve made that decision I’m going to slather it in conditioner and get that baby broken in as soon as possible… but I also figure I should blog about it. For those of you just checking in, I settled on the Prestige Roma Jump because it was in my price range, has a higher channel for wither clearance, and a flattish tree for Simon’s long, flat back.


To start, let’s tell you a bit about the saddle since it’s a newer model for Prestige and there aren’t a ton out there.  Compared to the similarly priced models (Pessoa, Bates, M. Toulouse) I’ve touched and sat on in tack shops the Prestige is much, much nicer in my opinion.  My seat and knee rolls are calf, but the rest is grain leather.  I opted for smooth, and even though it’s brand new it’s quite grippy already.


The saddle has white piping along the back, and even though mine is minutely wiggly it still is a pretty detail.  The knee blocks are huge on this thing, so if you have a wibbly wobbly leg they are sure to help.  For me, the twist is a bit narrow so that is my slight “meh” point on the saddle, but if you like a narrow twist you’ll be happy.  Also, the seat is quite deep.  I found it immediately easy to sit the canter, which is one of my struggle points… so that is appreciated.


As for Simon, the saddle fits him better than anything else I’ve put on him.  He was happy to move forward under saddle and tripped/fell out less in the hind.  I will still need a half pad and some shims perhaps, but honestly my horse is funkily built and I think this is about as good as I’m going to get without going custom.  Right now my wallet really just doesn’t want to pay much more than I already have for this saddle.


I will say that my acquisition of the saddle was not my favorite experience ever.  Last week I was scathing and wrote a long blog post detailing the customer service issues, but I’ve decided not to post it.  Let’s just leave it at while I got good online help with fitting from Farm House, I would not choose them again to make such a large purchase that was pretty time sensitive to  me.  I believe some things happened that affected my saddle timeline that they could not control, but there was no attempt to make me a happy customer in the end and I could have gotten the same saddle from a different retailer plus leathers and the use of a demo saddle while I waited. Overall, I like the saddle.  I wish I could say I loved it and it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made, but I’m not there yet.  Partially I’m sure because of all the drama getting it here, and I got pretty riled up over that.  I think I will get more used to it, and not having to worry constantly if it’s going to make Simon bleed or rub the hair off his back is for sure going to be a huge bonus 🙂

36 thoughts on “The Saddle Saga Concludes

  1. It looks really nice! It always takes me a few rides in a new saddle to really deem it worthy, haha! I hope you end up loving it more and more!

  2. I agree, the fit looks great from all angles. As far as twist, deep seat – it could very well be all fine an dandy with a few weeks time in the saddle. I remember my new saddle in Dec was FABULOUS when I sat in it, but it was def a different ride and my 2 point was in a new (and more appropriate) spot. And I waffled for two weeks about whether I made the right purchase or not. I got used to it and deemed the saddle perfect. Just give it some time 🙂

  3. Boo. I’ve always had great customer service from farm house. Ive never really bought a saddle off the rack myself though. My parents bought me one but that was before I knew a ton about saddle fit so it was a pretty easy process. Give money take Beval Devon.

    I’m sad that you are underwhelmed. A new saddle should make you estatic! Did Tracy get free stuff with hers?!
    Hope you end up falling in love with it 🙂

    1. The more I ride in it, the more I like it. Just wasn’t like an “oh this is butt heaven!” moment hahaha. I figured it would be very easy to obtain an off the rack saddle, but fun times not s much. I won’t speak for Tracy, but a barnmate got the same saddle and got free leathers and I *think* Tracy got leathers as well although she has a different model than I do!

  4. Eek it scares me that people are having bad experiences buying saddles 🙁 I want custom so bad (not an option right now but one day) and I would hate to invest SO much into it and not have a good experience ugh!

    I am SO GLAD you finally have it and hope that it ends up being great for you and Simon- it sure is pretty and looks amazingly comfy!

  5. whatever the saddle-god equivalent of mercury being in retrograde is.. that must be happening. Saddle shopping has never been a stressful point for me, mostly because I’m a total impulse buyer (not good for big purchases like.. HORSES), and if something fits decently and I like it decently I get it.

    That being said the latest saga has been hell, and I feel like everyone I know with new saddles or obtaining new saddles is going through something similar!

    I think it looks gorgeous, I loved my Prestige when I had it and I hope it quickly becomes your favorite piece of tack!!!

  6. The fit really looks fantastic for Simon! I think even after all the drama, you made an excellent choice. I’m sure once it starts breaking in you’ll like it more. 🙂

    1. Each model has a different detail like that. Some of the cantles are white, some have piping, some may have none at all but elaborate stitching (I know one is a fleur de lis on the side of the saddle) so it just depends.

  7. I’m sorry you had such a poor experience actually getting the saddle, but hopefully you and Simon will both love it and it will serve you well for many years!

  8. I really liked to ride in the Prestige jumping saddles back when I was in that world. I hope you end up happy with it. The saddle does look like it fits really well!

  9. So sorry you had such an ordeal getting it hear! I bet as all that drama gets further into the past, and the saddle breaks in you’ll start to love it more and more! It really is lovely!!

  10. Oh my goodness, what a mission to get that saddle! I’d been wondering if it had finally arrived. I’m so sorry there was so much drama to get it home to you. It looks like a great fit on Simon! I hope you grow to love it more and more with each ride, and that eventually it lives up to your expectations.

  11. It’s a shame the customer service issues have affected your excitement for the new saddle. It looks pretty darn good on him, though, so hopefully you will enjoy it more and more each day.

  12. Your saddle looks really nice. Hopefully the more you ride in it, the more you’ll like it. I bought a Ogilvy saddle pad from Farm House a couple of weeks ago, I hope that is much smoother than you were getting your saddle!

  13. It’s really quite lovely, and I am certain that as you use the saddle, the memories associated with GETTING the saddle will fade. You’ll grow to love it. :0)

    I am a stickler for perfection and get really angry when I am not treated well as a customer. I can usually get over it though if the product ultimately makes me happy.

  14. I like the piping, and the fit looks good (from photos, though, it’s so hard to tell). Honestly, I think a saddle that fits well enough, is going to stand up to the work, and makes it so you can stop focusing on it and just do your job is the perfect one. This sounds like it could be just that for you guys!

  15. Is there a saddle fitter in your area with a good rep? Id start there if you can before you spend a ton on a shim-able half pad. The best one in my area is 50 bucks a total bargain. Ive used another who was more like 200 and though he knows his stuff it didn’t work out between him and i. Shim-able pads can be upwards of 200 on their own and your saddle looks like a really good fit as it is a little flocking adjustment should make it fit like a custom saddle 🙂

    1. I already own a shimmable pad, so not too concerned about that 🙂 I do have a saddle fitter in my area who is reasonably priced, but she is not always the most available person!

  16. Happy your saddle finally arrived! I think you should post your rant – if it comes up in search it may save another horse owner the heart ache – just a thought 😉

  17. I’ve been following your blog for a bit. I totally feel you on saddle woes. I’ve been going round and round to get a dressage and jump saddle that work for my rear and growing pony. Having new saddle that works = awesome. Finding new saddle = sheer torture

  18. I came across your blog looking for more info on prestige Roma saddles. What size tree did you go with if I might ask? I have a horse I’m trying to fit with a huge shoulder! Thank you and I enjoyed reading your product reviews!!!

  19. Just came across your blog while searching CWD after trying one out today. The classic–so I am glad I liked it and did not sit in the fancy one! I did like it very much. Like you, I would not be happy unless my horse is happy, so I might compromise a bit on my own happiness to get a saddle that makes my horse free to GO! Maybe he does have an engine after all! He jumped and moved well in it. (Lazy warmblood!). Anyway the rep is willing to sell me the demo which we liked, my trainer liked, and there would be a very short wait to fill in the area behind the wither/shoulder where he dips. The rep was going to text me the picture of the saddle and serial no. It has been about 7 hours-I think I will wait until I get that before I pull the trigger! Love your stories!

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