March Madness 2nd Semi Finals

March Madness 2nd Semi Finals

Oh boy… it’s getting exciting folks!  Matches are harder!  The voting is closer!  The chocolate surprises are growing nearer and nearer for the Final 4…

Who will it be?  Who will become queen of each region?!  Did I under estimate how much time it would take to host this thing?

I only know the answer to one of those questions.

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So today in the interest of getting this over with blogging competition I’m hosting seven matches. What does that mean? By Monday we will have be rapidly nearing and getting oh so close to the ultimate equestrian blogging prize!

Edited for 2nd PSA —- I just found on a blog some not-so-nice comments  that may or may not have accused them of cheating.  This is really not serious.  Please do not become the March Madness blog police.  Please be nice to your fellow bloggers.  — End PSA.

First up we have long shot come from behind 1st round winner ColorWash Studios versus hunter/jumper trio Wilbur, Ellie & Emily.  Choose your favorite blog below!

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Next also from the west coast category is another close to home competition between former barn-mates Viva Carlos and Polka Dot Periodical.  Which California pony girl is your favorite?

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Moving to the Mid West it’s two chestnut hunks… but one has a bit of height on the other!  Choose your favorite between great blogs Guinness on Tap and Cob Jockey.

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Also in the Mid West it’s a battle of two great blogs.  Both geldings.  Both owned by people dreaming of shadbellies… but the rest is quite different!  Pick your favorite between Fly On Over and Sprinkler Bandits!

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In the northwest it’s going to be the battle of the off the track thoroughbreds.  One blogger has two OTTBs, and one blogger has an OTTB with at least two personalities.  Your favorite?  Choose between My Ex Racers and Poor Woman Showing.

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In the southern category, there’s bound to be close competition between these next two bloggers.  Both with adorable eventing horses it’s going to be hard to choose between Wyvern Oaks and Riding With Scissors. But… you have to!  Pick below.

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And finally the last match of the day, we have hunter/jumper big AA shower The Working Rider up against jack of all trades warmblood babycakes Houston B of Equestrian at Hart.  Pick your favorite below!

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I will leave these polls up until Sunday eveningish.  More matches on Monday!

15 thoughts on “March Madness 2nd Semi Finals

  1. It’s easy until the end when your favorite blogs are pitted against each other. Still fun though and it’s just a friendly competition.

  2. I think this was the toughest voting yet!! And I seriously died when I read my blog blurb.

    Also, did I read that first paragraph correctly? Have you somehow convinced yourself the top four are all getting chocolate? Because if that’s the case, that’s now my new end goal. Someone else can win overall. I really just want free candy.

  3. Babycakes! Jack of all trades! I love it. Don’t know if that can compare to the working rider though! I discovered that blog through this and I voted for her! Just wish that you could see where people stand as the voting progresses! 🙂 CHOCOLATE. Just want free candy. And either way I’ll get candy… Bc let’s be real I have no self control…

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