WEF – A Shopping We Will Go!

WEF – A Shopping We Will Go!

The Winter Equestrian Festival is a equestrian lover’s shopping paradise.  It’s also full of the 1% and many vendors cater to the 1%.

Fun fact – I am not the 1%.

Also fun fact, in the past two years I have only bought from the “WEF Boutique” (the souvenir store) and both of my purchases were well under $50.  But hey, this year I took pictures so y’all could see some of the smanciness that I cannot afford.




















What would be your “dream” souvenir from WEF?

24 thoughts on “WEF – A Shopping We Will Go!

  1. I’d like a jump saddle that fits my butt and Paddy’s back, maybe one of those bridles? Oh and a helmet, but not one of the ones with the funny colors…

    Does anyone actually WEAR the tall boots with bling? They’re pretty and all, but I have never actually seen them on a human being. Of course, I don’t hang with the 1%, lol!

  2. I’m not sure it would be possible to choose just one. I’d probably want a pair of the Deniro boots, being as we’re dreaming and all.

  3. I was really tempted to try on a Charles Ancona jacket. They are so so lovely! However, I managed to spend way more than budget due to a certain saddle purchase….

  4. This post actually makes me incredibly sad. This year was the first year in 10 yrs I didn’t attend at least one weekend. I love being home, eating from the Crepe man, going to the booths, watching friends, and just being in the general atmosphere that is WEF. With that said, I’d like a new Charles Ancona jacket, some CWD tack, and a new tack trunk. Please oh please oh please!

  5. Ugh, that shadbelly picture makes me cringe! They couldn’t have dressed the mannequin better given the likely-outrageous price point?

  6. That’s my favorite part of going to any of these types of events…the window shopping! Sadly I think the only actual shopping I’d be able to do is at the food stand, but it’s so fun to look and dream.

  7. Nice pictures. It is fun to look at the 1% stuff, but too bad there wasn’t more normal stuff. Congress is great for that – the fancy is there, but the majority is normal people products. Not as much English/hunter stuff though.

  8. I’ve tasked one of the junior riders that went to WEF with our trainer to bring me back a souvenir! But I did add the caveat “under 50 bucks.” Excited to see what she comes back with- but perhaps from your photos- an awesome baseball hat?

  9. Love this post! I’ve never been to WEF but it was great to live vicariously through your photographs. Vendor row is one of my favorite places (even if all I can do is window shop). 🙂 Your blog is great. Keep the awesome posts coming!

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