Equestrian March Madness 3rd Qualifier

Equestrian March Madness 3rd Qualifier

Now that I’m back in town let’s get crankin’ with some March Madness!  Since the real NCAA tournament kicks off this week, I wanted to speed things along a little bit.  Therefore I’m putting six matches up today so we can get on to the semi-finals next week!

I would like to make a little disclaimer about an exploit someone put to my attention.  You can vote unlimited times on a mobile phone.  Yes, aka you can cheat.  I have put a lot of time into this fun little adventure and don’t have the time to go look for a new voting platform, nor do I want to pay to upgrade the polls to lock votes by IP address.  So really… don’t cheat.  It’s pretty obvious to me on the back end if you do, and there is one match that has sense passed I’m questioning a little.  Won’t name any names, but I promise y’all the prize is nothing we need to get cut throat about.  This is just for fun!  All of these blogs are great, and I hosted the competition so we could share new reading lists with each other… not so we could try to cheat the system.

Okay that ugliness is out of the way, let’s get on to today’s match ups!  I will leave these up for three days and do the final round of qualifiers on Saturday morning.  Check out the updated bracket below, which I will now start updating with each new round of voting.  Some of these races were very tight!

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Our first match up today is a hunter/jumper show down on the west coast.  A blog featuring black curly hunter/jumper cutie pie versus  at 2 Left Socks the tales of the gangly but loveable Ramone over at Viva Carlos.  Pick your hunter/jumper champion of the west coast between these two in the poll below!

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Also in the west coast division we’re matching up hunter/jumper working mom extradoinaire All In versus technical and patient former endurance rider turned dressage Bakersfield (Not-So Speedy) Dressage. Both bloggers have an adorable OTTB… but what’s your favorite?  Tell me below!

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Moving to the midwest we have two blogs who do a lot of showing and training in pursuit of their equestrian interests.  Fly On Over is hunter/jumper focused with an adorable appendix horse, while My Equine Odyssey mixes it up in a variety of disciplines with an arabian sporthorse.  Which great blog gets your vote?

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In the northeast/international region we have two beautiful bays with interesting stories.  First there’s The Adventures of Jeremy, a plucky pony in the United Kingdom and then we have Bobby from Poor Woman Showing who’s opinionated and hilarious in all the right ways.  Pick your favorite bay creature below!

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The next match up in the northeast/international region is The Fabled Christmas Pony against Memoirs of a Horse Girl. The Fabled pony works on western and groundwork in chilly Canada while Memoirs focuses on Harley, a buckskin dressage horse.  Chime in on which blog you think reigns supreme!

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Our final match up today is in the southern region with pinto eventing looker Foster at A House on a Hill against sweet and reliable Red the Quarter Horse from Cash’s Steppin’ Up.  These blogs are quite different but it’s obvious both writer’s love their horses very much!  Which blog is your favorite?

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Remember, vote once for your favorites!  I’ll have the last round of qualifiers up on Saturday Morning 🙂

16 thoughts on “Equestrian March Madness 3rd Qualifier

  1. I feel like I should send replicas of my current phone to whoever is using their fancy phones to cheat . My phone which flips open. And may still by hiding an antenna somewhere. Try cheating with that. Or even making a phone call.

    1. My smartphone is smarter than me! I couldn’t cheat if I tried. Sometimes I miss my flip phone. At least I knew how to use it!

  2. Some results have surprised me. I didn’t even realize that was possible. Peeps will be peeps… There’s always going to be that one person that cheats.

    Can I assume that my blog Will be in the next round based on the bracket?
    This is fun! 🙂

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