Equestrian Blogging March Madness Elite Eight

Equestrian Blogging March Madness Elite Eight

Wow those were some tough matches last week!  The numbers are getting close and closer as we make our way to the final four, and the elite eight today will be no different.  I’m going to have to close my eyes and randomly pick one between some of these, because it’s so hard to choose between favorites!

Let’s take a look at the amazing bloggers who have made it this far…

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After today I’ll be happy to announce the final four, which each will get a Blogging March Madness Final Four badge for their blog as well as a delivery of chocolate and Easter candy.  Because let’s face it – Easter candy is amazing.

Now let’s get to it!  I will leave these four matches open until Wednesday evening, and then post the our final four matches on Thursday morning!

Our first matchup from the west coast division which I have named hunter/jumper land is going to be a tough one!  The bay area has created a lot of great blogs, and things are sure to get interesting when we put Wilbur, Ellie &  Emily up against Viva Carlos.

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In the midwest category it was a tight race to determine these two blogs, and I bet the voting between them will be just as tight!  Choose between hunter/jumper and cob eventing with Cob Jockey and Fly On Over.

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Moving to the north east there’s a blog it seems to be a battle against two ponies who may or may not occasionally have ‘tude.  Choose between Pony’Tude and Poor Woman Showing.

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Finally in the southern category we have two quite different blogs featuring very different co-stars.  Adorable haffie hair from Wyvern Oaks or tall dark and handsome warmblood of Equestrian at Hart?  You decide!

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