March Madness 1st Semi-Finals

March Madness 1st Semi-Finals

We’re getting closer to the final four!  Since we had an unusual number of teams compared to the NCAA style brackets, the voting this week gets a little wonky.  There’s kind of a semi-semi final?  Or maybe I just suck at making brackets, but anyway it’s just for fun so roll with it.

Here are the standings so far:

Click to enlarge.

Today I will do six rounds of voting to get us closer to the final four.  Things should start getting tougher here on out… we already saw some really close races in the first round!

Our first round from the west coast is sure to be a heart breaker… two hunter/jumper blogs that are actually from the same barn!  Don’t hate me guys… I just post the polls as they come 🙂 Pick your favorite between All In and Viva Carlos below!

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Next from the midwest it’s hunter/jumper versus eventing with a dash of race horse galloping!  Fan favorites from the first round go head to head in Fly On Over versus My Mojito.  Cast your vote below!

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Also from the midwest bracket we have recent 1st round winner Adventures With Shyloh up against Sprinkler Bandits.  Fluffy adorable Haflinger Shyloh or future sporty McSporterson horse Courage?  You decide!

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Moving to the northeast and international land, we have The Red Headed Mare up against Pony’Tude.  Red mare or pony with tude?  😉  You decide below!

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Again in the northeast category we have another sure to be exciting match-up… Poor Woman Showing versus Memoirs of a Horse Girl. Maybe they should team up and write a blog together called Memoirs of a Poor Shower?  Until then… vote for your favorite blog now!

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Finally today our last match-up is in the good ‘ol south.  This will be tough guys… two eventers, two beautiful horses (and riders of course) with one spotted and one supersized!  Pick your favorite between Equestrian at Hart and House on a Hill below!

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I will leave these polls up for approximately three days and post the next round on Friday!  Good luck to everyone, and don’t forget you’re allowed to shamelessly beg for votes in pursuit of chocolate.  All is fair in blogging and chocolate!

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  1. Those were tough choices to make! Like others said, it is hard to vote when your favorites are against each other. I will be interested to see how this round turns out!

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