Equestrian Blogging March Madness Final Qualifier

Equestrian Blogging March Madness Final Qualifier

Today’s the day where we finish up all these qualifiers!  I’ll leave the voting up for about three days and then we’ll get to the semi-finals, woot!!

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The first match up today is also the final west coast qualifier.  Pony and a Payday covers aspects of various disciplines from hunter/jumper to rodeo while The Polka Dot Periodical focuses on Pongo, a beautiful leopard appaloosa eventer/dressage horse.  Cast your vote below!

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Moving on to the midwest, we have A Gift Horse versus My Mojito.  Will it be O, a beautiful appendix hunter/jumper mare or perhaps the crew of OTTBs and fancy Mojito himself?  Chime in now!

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Also in the midwest we have two very different blogs coming head to head.  Shy from Adventures with Shyloh is a rescued Haflinger with tons of personality and an amazing story, whereas eventing hopeful Riding Rainbow discusses her OTTB Lex, a LGBT perspective of the horse world as well as her other equine characters.  Should be a tight race – vote below!

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In the northeast/international category we have Polish dressage and groundwork enthusiast Bee and the Horse up against a self proclaimed “un-disciplined” (as in no concentrated discipline… not unruly!) baby OTTB trainer, My Ex Racers.  Tell me your favorite now!

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And finally we’re down to our last two matches in the southern category.  The first is a true Kentucky showdown with dressage/all around rider Woven Web Diaries squaring up against big ‘ol Houston B from Equestrian at Hart.  Which bluegrass blog is your bees knees?  Vote below!

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Last but not least is our final semi-final showdown.  A team of lovely Thoroughbreds at Hand Gallop versus relatively new blogger and hunter/jumper rider, The Working Rider. Help pick our final qualifier and vote now!

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