Equestrian March Madness 2nd Qualifier

Equestrian March Madness 2nd Qualifier

Time for a second round of voting for March Madness!  Today we have four matches  to get us closer to the semi-finals.  I’ll update the bracket as well this week with all of today’s and last week’s winners.

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First up is a west coast battle between hunter/jumper Wilbur, Ellie, & Emily and all-around jack of all trades Throughbred Adventures.  Both bloggers have multiple horses, but will multiple disciplines come ahead in the end?  Vote below!

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Next from the Midwest there is The Semi Feral Equestrian versus Cob Jockey. Both of these blogs feature somewhat off breeds, Arabians and Welsh Cobs, but which will will come out on top?  Cast your vote!

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In Northeast/International land we have A Filly’s Best Friend and Pony’Tude.  Will Dino’s sweet face of Pony’Tude best  A Filly’s Best Friend band of eventing Canadian ponies?  Tell us your favorite!

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Finally in the southern division Riding With Scissors is going up against Simply Horse Crazy. Eventing versus dressage!  Gray versus pinto!  Tell us your favorite below.

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In a few days I’ll have another four round of qualifiers up, and an updated bracket!  Stay tuned for more “Madness” 🙂

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  1. OK…y’all who have discovered that you can vote for the same blog repeatedly via mobile, perhaps don’t abuse that! It’s ruining the spirit of the vote. Remember, this is all in good fun and in the name of supporting each other’s blogs. Let’s not go all Ponygate here 🙂

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