Noble Outfitters Socks Review

Noble Outfitters Socks Review

Let’s talk about socks!  I was never one of those kids who was like “aw, socks?!?” when holidays came around, because I heart socks.  I have springer spaniel socks, socks for holidays, socks with ponies, socks with ice skating penguins and of course… lots of boot socks.  I especially heart boot socks.

So when Noble Outfitters contacted me and asked if I’d like to review something, I said… socks!

They sent two pairs which I will both review today, first up the Over the Calf Peddies.  If you’re not familiar with Peddies, they’re this ingenious new kind of boot sock that make me think regular nylon boot socks will be a thing of the past soon.  They combine the nylon, fun colored boot socks we all know and love with a really comfortable sock foot.


Noble Outfitters carries their Peddies in a variety of styles for both women and kids.  The sock foot was really comfortable compared to even regular athletic socks.  I put them on and went “Oooo” because the fabric is cool and soft as well as padded in all the right places. The sock fabric is a bit thicker around the ankle and on the bottom of your foot, so you get some extra padding where boots may rub as well as a little cushion for the bottom of your feet.  The top fabric is thinner, and the nylon top is the same sheer, colorful nylon you see in traditional boot socks.

I loved loved the concept of these socks, but have to say that the top nylon hit me in a weird place on my calf.  It didn’t go fully “over the calf” and hit just below the widest part of my calf at a seam in my breeches.  Didn’t really bother me too much, but when I didn’t have boots on it wanted to roll down some and at the end of the day the seam was a bit tight. I do have quite wide calves and am tall (5’9″), so I think if you’re shorter/thinner you won’t have this problem at all.  As it stood, the foot fit great but they were just a bit too short overall for me.  At $14.99 they’re about double the cost of some nylon boot socks, but the foot bed is so comfortable it makes up the difference!

The second pair of socks I reviewed were Noble Outfitters’ XtremeSoft Boot Sock.  These are thicker sock material all the way around, and I wore them the second day riding because I thought I wasn’t going to like them as much.  Traditionally, I don’t love thick socks… but I love these socks.

Oh so comfy!
Oh so comfy!

I have been wearing these socks all day.  Of course that also means I’m admitting to grocery shopping in my breeches and socks, but whatever… they’re so comfy!  The fabric is moisture wicking, so even if you’ve been riding in your hot boots for hours your feet still feel dry and fresh as a daisy.  They also have padding around the ankle and under your foot, so even after wearing my tall boots for 4 hours at the barn, I felt no usual rubbing or irritation on the back of my ankle.  Score!


The material for the top of the foot and the front of your shin is thinner and extremely breathable.  My tall boots can be pretty tight some days, but these socks didn’t make me feel like I wouldn’t be able to zip them up.  Are they thicker than nylon boot socks?  Yes.  Do I think they will be a problem with boot fiiting?  No, not unless you can just barely get your boots zipped up with no socks at all.  The height on these were much better for me (went right up to under my tall boot) and there’s a lot of stretch in the calf so even if you have wider legs it’s not going to cut off your circulation at all.

Like I said, I wore them all day and I would also wear them with skinny jeans/fashion boots or to bed on a chilly night.  They are so comfortable!  At $11.99 they are a little bit more than nylon boot socks, but there are a lot of nice details here and the thicker material means the velcro on your breeches won’t immediately snag and tear it (something I’ve had happen to lots of nylon boot socks).

So basically if you’re looking to upgrade your equestrian socks, I’d go give Noble Outfitters a looksie!  What kind of socks do you like riding in?

22 thoughts on “Noble Outfitters Socks Review

  1. I am a sock person too! 🙂 I have a pair of Tredstep Sheer Cool Socks that I LOVE for warm weather riding and usually wear some variety of SmartWool socks when my feet are cold (which is any time from October-March).

    I will have to check out the XtremeSoft Boot Sock- it’s cheaper than the Tredstep and sounds really nice!

    1. I haven’t checked out the Tredstep ones, but you’ll probably like the Xtreme Soft Boot Sock. It would help layer for winter, but the way the fabric is riding in the summer with them wouldn’t be uncomfortable at all!

  2. I may have to get some of these. I don’t do boot socks normally because then I have to “double sock” (normal socks + boot socks) because I don’t like super thin socks. These sound like the perfect compromise!

  3. I saw these a couple years ago and I’ve wanted to try them ever since!! They sound awesome. A lot of times I’ll wear normal short socks over my thin boot socks because I need the padding. Must buy!

    1. I started wearing nylon boot socks over my breeches when I still had pull on boots. The nylon smoothed the breeches out, and added a slickness that helped me tug on the boots. I keep wearing them because I like the feeling and the fun colors now.

    2. Ha – no, I wear my socks on the inside, too, because I hate when everything gets lumpy and bumpy when I pull my socks over top.

  4. I love socks! I only own two pair of white and two pair of black if I need to look super nice for an interview or meeting. The rest of them are all kind of crazy colors and patterns.

  5. I’ll admit that despite loving the fun patterns, I hate regular nylon boot socks. The foot is so thin and kinda slippery, especially if you’re particularly good at, um, sweating. And they snag on things and wear through SO quickly, they’re kind of a waste of money IMO. The only ones I’ve ever had that I particularly liked were the Animo ones because they were thicker and a lot less fragile, but I’m cheap and they’re not. My favorite socks are actually cycling socks (from Sock Guy in particular) or knee socks from Sock it to Me, both around $10-12 and MUCH more durable and comfortable than anything I’ve found on the equine market. Plus they have even more fun patterns! I’m wearing unicorn Sock Guy’s right now actually…

    1. I have holes in every single one of my nylon boot socks. I know exactly what you mean! For me, the pairs I reviewed today are a much better alternative especially the cheaper (but not fun patterned) Soft Sock one.

  6. I LOVE my Equikozy socks which are a French brand I reviewed last month (I think) – anyways I live in them…but your peddies review combined with the one on (+ giveaway ;-p) make me want to try these Noble Outfitter ones

  7. I have such ridiculously small feet that unless I can find kids sizes (boys medium actually fit the best) I don’t even bother trying them on anymore. Not much is more irritating than having a bunch of extra sock material bunched up around your toe or heel.

  8. I’ve seen these in a few stores around here but I am so partial to my fully nylon socks.. maybe I will have to break the mold and try them anyways 🙂

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