Simon’s Christmas Wish List

Simon’s Christmas Wish List

Taking a break from the 30 day challenge for a few seasonally related posts!  Plus tomorrow is my birthday and I’m hoping to spend some time at the barn taking pictures, hanging out with ponykins and giving him his Christmas present.  With that I present to you a guest post from Simon…

Do you see what I put up with? I need presents.

What Simonpants Wants, Needs, and Desperately Deserves for Christmas

I am a remarkably good horse, and deserve to be showered with treats and affection.  Before this past summer, I didn’t know treats existed.  Now I get horse cookies and peppermints… but don’t try to give me any carrots.  Carrots are not on this list.

Mrs Pastures Cookies

These are my favorite cookies.  They are crunchy and delicious and when Mom cheaps out and gets the little hard pellet things I make faces at her.  I am a horse, not a rabbit.  Save pellets for your rodents please.

A New Saddle

Hello, have you not noticed that rub on my withers that isn’t going away?  Your fancy saddle pads are not doing the job.  I need a new saddle with high wither clearance and a medium/narrow tree.  I don’t want a ghetto one either – those hunter warmbloods will judge me if we strut into the ring in a Wintec.  Pffft.

More Professional Looking Saddle Pads

You do realize that there is a butterfly on one of your most frequently used pads, right?  Are you 12?  I thought I escaped being a kids camp horse!  Monograms only although I do really like my OTTB Designs saddle pad. That one is acceptable.

A Snazzy Jumper Bridle

All the other OTTB’s at my barn get to be jumpers and wear these cool bridles with fleece and silver and stuff… I want one of those.  While you’re at it, give up your dream of the hunters because I bet I could be just as fast and jumpery as those other horses!

More Horse Shows

So I really liked going to that horse show in November.  I got waaaaaaay more hay than normal.  Lots of riding.  Got to hang out with my girlfriend Barbie, and you doted all over me all weekend.  More horse shows please!  Horse show every day, thanks.

I’m not exactly sure when Christmas is, but I think it’s coming soon because my mom is so busy “getting ready for the holidays” and says we are having boot camp “after the holidays.”  I hope boot camp is soon.  My stall is boring and I’m ready to jump all the jumps!

– Sincerely your best horsey friend ever, Simon

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