Simon’s 2014 Christmas Wishlist

Simon’s 2014 Christmas Wishlist

The past two years (Read 2012 and 2013), Simon has grabbed the keyboard for me and written a guest post about his Christmas needs.  This year I let him borrow my iPad after a ride so he could yet again make his request.

What Simonpants Wants, Needs, and Desperately Deserves for Christmas – 2014 Edition



Did you know that in the winter you have to stall in your stall SO MUCH MORE even though it is NOT COLD ouside!  It’s stupid.  I dislike.  Therefore, I need Likits.  Lots of likits.  All the likits. Do not be foolish and buy me the healthy salt ones either… I want sugar damnit and I want it now.  No, I don’t care that this is on my Christmas list every year… I want it anyway.

Fancy boots


I really need some fancy boots.  I dunno why, but I think I need them.  Specifically, I need them in Ostrich bc that’s what the ladies love.


I know there are a lot of problems with drugging in the hunter/jumper world, but sometimes they are necessary.  Sometimes they get you through a rough patch that you can’t get through on your own.  


Mini Horse Pony Thing


The mini horse pony things left at my barn, and I am sad.  I want one…. No, I need one.

Stuff my mom did buy

Last year, I asked for lots of items.  I should probably let you know that my mum bought me the saddle and the better barn blanket and the magic feel good hock boots.  I guess she is okay and I should keep her.

Since my mom did a lot of buying for me last year, I don’t have that many needs.  I might need a girl friend, but then again sometimes I want one and sometimes I’m like ‘wut would do with one?’ 

Most likely play bitey face.  I hope all you ponies out there get what you want for Christmas!

31 thoughts on “Simon’s 2014 Christmas Wishlist

  1. Pip has asked for all the things in Orange (of course) and his own paddock so that he’s not sharing with the geriatric mares and the gender confused pony.

  2. so a mini horse pony thing is actually legitimately on my xmas list… (i mean, it is every year — but maybe this year it’ll actually happen???) lol great list 🙂

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