Simon Updates in Haikus

Simon Updates in Haikus

Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management had the fabulous idea of writing horse haikus. I’m a big fan of this plan, because I am lazy and am good at 5/7/5. Last year I even wrote my show reviews in haiku form, so am going jump on the bandwagon she started by updating you on Simon’s life in haiku form.

After his layoff,
Suspensory is spiffy.
Okay, back to work.

El Nino say wha?
Oh, that just means lots of rain?
Insert barn flooding.


Who’s to say if I
Need lessons to ride better?
Oh wait, I sure do.

Ask for collection,
Met with Simon’s resistance.
Time for training rides.

Maybe the grumpy
is from sore, arthritic hocks?
Inject all the things!


A sound, springy trot
Feels great after vet visits.
Rooting? Still happens.

Cancelling year end.
Too expensive. Too rusty.
Shit year. No show goals.


Instead, a tiny
Schooling show in the hunters.
Well, this should be good.

16 thoughts on “Simon Updates in Haikus

  1. Yes to haikus! And I feel poor Simon’s arthritic hocks 🙁 I’ve got one of those guys too and we just got silicone mesh injections this week!

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