2014 Show Season Wrap Up

2014 Show Season Wrap Up

Honestly alert – I am feeling pretty bummed about this year’s show season.  A lot of that is because we ended on a not-so-amazing note, but what readers don’t know about are the goals and pressure I had put on myself this year.  Why?  I don’t know.  It’s not like I thought my horse would magically get lead changes or that I would mysteriously become an amazing rider… I didn’t.  I did want to have a shot at qualifying for a year end medal (nope) and be competitive in our local circuit (not so much).

We did make a lot of progress though, so I’m not going to be too down on myself.  As with all things, there was good and bad.  The good was oh so good and oh so fun this year.  Now that I’ve tasted success… I want more 🙂

To shake things up a bit, I’m doing my show review this year in haikus.  You’re welcome.

Grace Stables – February 1st 


Tiny show, we went
forth without my trainer’s help.
In short, we survived.
Positives: Was able to get around without trainer holding my hand.  Best flat class success of the year (still not great though)

Negatives: Simon took some funny/lame steps in the first flat class, so I pulled him from the second.  Pace was very inconsistent on course.

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Expo Center CTHJA – Easter Weekend


Our first Expo show!
Relaxed at two six, but still
were inconsistent.

Positives: Got the step on some lines of some of our courses.  Got a few clean lead changes!  Wasn’t nervous about the height at all, and competed 2’3″ and 2’6″ without one minute of “Oh these jumps look scary” thoughts.

Negatives: Very inconsistent pace.  Was in-between adding and going so fast the stride was tight.  Just not competitive in the hunter ring at these new divisions, and got very down on myself after some shitty riding Saturday.  Sunday was better.

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Rio Vista Hunter Derby – April 26th


Shadbelly debut!
Broken finger and mistakes,
but smiled at the end.

Positives: Made above a 50!  Haha, which was my goal.  Had a respectable trip, even though it could have been much smoother I didn’t look a fool in my opinion.  Toughed through some pain to still have a day I’m very proud of.  Fun!

Negatives:  My horse learned he doesn’t necessarily have to stand at the trailer anymore.

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Derby Score – 62


Lone Star Schooling Show Series – May 24th & 25th


New baby jumper!
Feeling confident and cool,
must try to speed up!

Positives: Had so much fun.  Felt super confident and not worried about the fence height at all.  Simon was an absolute rock star, and took care of me.  We got better and better, and this was hands down my favorite show of the year.

Negatives:  I went too slow!  Started out as the queen of time faults, but improved over the weekend.

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LOPE Benefit Schooling Show – September 20th


A tiny, fun show!
We played hunter and jumper –
neck ribbons galore!

Positives: Was super relaxed and felt like I had nothing to prove with the show being so small.  Had one of our better hunter rounds ever for the derby, and then put in solid jumper efforts to be clean and consistent (almost).

Negatives:  I FELL OFF!  Wah.

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CTHJA Year End – November 22nd & 23rd


First time in two nine.
First time in CenTx Jumpers.
Insert walk of shame.

Positives: My horse is worth his weight in gold and is the best boy.  I was able to complete a round Sunday after my fall Saturday without totally falling apart.

Negatives:  There are a lot which I’m still feeling down about, so I’m not going to list them right now.

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Okay, I admit… when I write out everything it does seem a tad less depressing.  I will just take the not so great moments of this year and use it as motivation to push forward for next!  Onward and upward they say, right?

13 thoughts on “2014 Show Season Wrap Up

  1. You should be really proud! It’s easy to focus on the bad stuff. Especially when you had a rough ending to the season. Keep in mind that you moved up to much bigger fences this year! The season you move up is always rocky. You even tried a new discipline. Good job!!!

  2. all in all it looks like a successful year to me! So the last show wasn’t what you wanted, but you made a lot of improvements and you’ll continue on that next year. I know what you mean though- I put too much pressure on myself last year (when I had no time or money, so what I was thinking, I don’t know…) and ultimately got really bummed… until I wrote out my year-end blog and realized, even through all of the down, there was still a lot of up, and next year will be even better! For both of us 😀

  3. awesome year! i totally get that we just see the curated blog version, but from this perspective i saw you moving to new divisions and new heights and new disciplines and having fun and earning some very respectable ribbons!! nicely done!!

  4. As someone who is petrified to even set foot in a show, you have to give yourself some kudos for getting out there and showing! You and Simon had some great experiences and should be very proud of yourselves 🙂

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