Power Blazer

Power Blazer

I have a new secret weapon.

Weeks ago, I had a moment where I wasn’t having as much of a personal financial crisis. All summer I’ve desperately needed a new pair of jeans, so once I could breathe a bit easier I trotted off to Nordstrom Rack to see if I could find any pants.

Sidenote – why is pant shopping the worst? I can buy breeches much easier than I can buy regular people pants. My breeches are also much nicer, but I digress…

In the rack of smancy items heavily marked down but also super unorganized, I saw it. A black blazer, nicely made and expensive, but severely price slashed. Much like the soft shell jacket of my show dreams (that I have yet to find), the fabric hung nicely and the sleeves swayed at me as I picked the hanger off the rack. Try me on… you’ll like me I promise!

And I did like the blazer, a lot.

Usually I don’t buy anything above $50, but that day I was feeling (momentarily) in charge of my life for the first time in months. During my mini shopping spree I picked up two pairs of jeans and my new blazer.


Then I had to patiently wait for the temperature to fall below 95 degrees because I live in Texas, but eventually I got to wear my new item to work.

Now my office is super casual. Winning best dressed here is like shooting fish in a barrel. The normal apparel for my 90% male co-workers is shorts and a t-shirt referencing some sort of nerd-culture. I’ve already talked about how I’m putting more effort into my appearance lately, but the blazer was a notch above my new normal. People noticed, and I got some comments.

“Feeling fancy today?”

“Oh, what’s with the blazer?”

But instead of feeling self conscious about not blending in, I felt self confident. I joked with a female co-worker about dressing up more that day, and promptly named my new item “The Power Blazer.”

Since that day, I’ve realized the power blazer has magical powers. When I’m the lowest person on the org chart in a meeting, and everyone is looking to me to speak I typically think… OH GOD THIS IS SO STRESSFUL. I CAN’T HANDLE THIS RIGHT NOW. MUST PULL SOMETHING OUT OF ASS. DID I SOUND SMART? DID I SOUND IMPORTANT? OH LORD THEY ALL THINK I’M AN IDIOT.”


When I’m wearing my power blazer, I sit a little straight in my seat and feel more composed. Because I look put together, I feel put together. It’s a tiny but important difference.

Car shopping is a big decision with huge financial implications. Thinking about items that large and permanent makes my head want to spin. When I sit in a car to test drive, I want to say, “THIS IS AWESOME. HOW MUCH? TAKE MONEY. TAKE JEWELRY. TAKE WHATEVER. LOAN FOREVER. LOVE CAR!”

With power blazer, I feel like my image is over-representing me. I, powerful business woman of wealth and life experience, is here to obtain a vehicle. By all means, point me to your highest safety rating and reasonable APR options.

It doesn’t have to be a blazer. Maybe for you it’s a necklace, or pair of heels or even a masculine brief case. Whatever your tool – find it. I know it’s tempting to always live in the land of comfort and casual in the work place and in life, but we need our own little power trip sometimes.

30 thoughts on “Power Blazer

  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! YES!! I have some pieces in my riding wardrobe that make me feel the same way. (Hi, DeNiro boots and fancy $$ full seats) You’ve inspired me to keep my eyes open for the “power piece” to add to my normal-person wardrobe!

  2. Power blazer! I also have a Power Bra for days when Blazer has to take a break. It covers the ladies but gets them out there, and I feel confident to walk around with my shoulders back, head up, and basically a ‘I run this place’ attitude.

  3. Mine currently is a red sleeveless dress I got for my birthday this year. I’m not normally a huge fan of red, but this is a great shade. I feel amazing in it. And I get SO many compliments when I wear it.

  4. So totally agree with this! I love clothes that make me feel good, I really try to get rid of anything that makes me feel frumpy, ’cause ain’t nobody got time to feel like that.

    1. Yeeeeeep. I got a lot more interested in clothes once I gave myself permission to only buy/wear stuff that I actively love instead of what I felt like I ought to be wearing.

      1. I have this pair of scrub pants that are a stretchy non-wrinkle material that both feel like soft pajamas and make my butt look amazing. Yup, those are my power scrubs. Lol

  5. This is how my FITS white show breeches make me feel. Sure, I can’t memorize my dressage test, but I feel like a fucking supermodel while I’m out there screwing up.

    I need some normal wardrobe clothes like that!

    1. LOL. Yes. And frankly, as long as feel badass in the process… that’s all that matters. 🙂

      My new tall boots do this for me now. but in non-barn life, it’s definitely that perfect black blazer.

  6. Heels. I love my blazer, but heels make me feel instantly more important. Especially my yellow, pointed toe heels. They’re a little fun, a little sassy, and they also draw attention. In fact, I wore them today, and I’m definitely feeling better about myself than usual.


        Unrelated: I’m really loving the hell out of your more personal blog posts. Keep them coming. Dark and light both. I don’t have a chance to comment much, but keep that shit up. You’re great.

  7. My stompy battered red Doc Martens. They make me feel like I can handle anything, possibly by kicking it in the face. I have other clothes that also feel like “wearing my armor,” but my Docs are the absolute most best.

    We need a pic of you and your blazer!

  8. This is totally how I feel at work. My new job is super formal and I was just feeling frumpy in my business casual stuff. But after doing a little shopping at T.J. Maxx I feel so confident. I always think feeling good about your looks equals confidence

  9. Definitely, how you look feeds into your confidence. It’s why when we moved barns and had to share the arena with other people I started ‘dressing’ up my riding clothes more, so I felt less insecure.

  10. I have a strand of pearls I wear when I want to feel fancy. It’s like, “Hey, I’m classy and BUSINESS LIKE, fellow tack store employees!!”

    I went through a phase in college where I’d wear my show jacket as a blazer with a t-shirt and jeans. I could never tell if it made me look cool or super masculine.

  11. Totally get it, a good blazer looks businesslike and hot. Perfect combo. My latest “power” item was the FEI pass wristband that I had to wear in Tryon since we had a horse in the FEI tent. It was the horse’s first time doing the FEI stuff. Not gonna lie, wearing that wristband made me feel pretty bada**! I even kept it after the show as a little momento, haha.

  12. Blazers are great! Class up jeans like that 《insert snap》

    My power item is any tall boot. It makes me feel at home, heel or flat, it is like a riding tall boots, it just makes me feel I can handle shit. Goes with jeans or dress, or whatever.

  13. yassss!!! i love blazers… but am kinda an idiot about dry cleaning… so instead i have a couple dresses that do this for me. oooh, and this one pair of earrings. funny how the little details make such a difference!

  14. I was so looking forward to getting all fancy at work and then I got a job at a software company in Silicon Valley… 🙁 but it still feels good when I DO dress up on occasion (like when I’m not wearing my sports bra and a riding tee shirt under my nice coat with no plans to take the coat off). Definitely makes a difference!

  15. I have been buying clothes with one rule in mind. “If you don’t absolutely LOVE it in the store, you’re not going like it at home. Something similar to what Sandra Bullock said in the movie “The Blind Side”

    My husband and I have also noticed how people treat us different when we are well dressed and feel good…
    At the grocery store, people notice you are there and try to stay out of the way… check out seems even more courteous than usual… Someone almost always asks if we would like help carrying our bags to the car!
    Crazy, isn’t it?
    You should have seen the day I was out and about in a sparkly, sleeveless number on my way to a tea party….

  17. So crazy how clothes can make you feel. I don’t think that I have any one particular item. I’m always more confident when I feel put together.

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