Reunited and It Feels So Good

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Something exciting happened this weekend.

More exciting than Beezie and her Simon winning the World Cup.

More exciting than announcing that I’m moving barns.

More exciting than a new Ben & Jerry’s flavor. This is serious folks.


Oh yes, I rode my horse.

I will try to make this post as exciting as possible, but it was just as ordinary as if I had been riding him three times a week for all 2013. I originally planned on giving him a cocktail since I didn’t think he’d be turned out this weekend, but when I saw him chillin and bored in the paddock I figured there was no need. At first he looked at my tack like I was trying to do something crazy.


He stood statue still as I got on and got my stirrups, and then we just strolled around the two rings for 30 minutes. The whole time he was on the buckle, and since no one else was riding I figures I’d just let him amble around. The first ride back is not the time to nit pick. We even did some “jumping”.


Spoiler alert: he cleared it.

Tonight I’m hoping to maybe trot a few laps, but were going to keep it slow and do what he feels up to. Ill mix some lunging in there too, but this horse really just hates lunging and says it bores him to death… So well see. For now, I’m just thrilled to be sitting in him again – even if he doesn’t see what the big deal is.


22 thoughts on “Reunited and It Feels So Good

  1. YAY!!! Congrats on a successful ride back. So happy you guys are on the way back to regular riding. I am sure it felt awesome to be back in the saddle on your own horse.

  2. I know it’s going to be exciting when you say it’s better than new Ben & Jerry’s!!
    (Although you are now ensconced in Bluebell territory 😉

    HOORAY FOR RIDING! I’m so happy for you both, and even happier that it was a cocktailless ride.

    And I quite literally LOL-ed at the spoiler alert.

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