Jumping Ahead

Jumping Ahead

In general, I’m a forward thinker.  The next big thing.  The next challenge.  Up up.  Forward.  It’s rare for me not to have a goal, and I’m not always the most patient person getting to that goal.

But patience is one of the most important aspects of riding.

Jumping ahead is a problem I have with my equitation, and my psyche when it comes to Simon.  Sometimes I want to run before we can walk, and that’s pretty detrimental to riding.  However, going to the show displayed some of the “walking” that we need to work on.  Now in the sleepy haze of a hot Texas summer, we’re doing some “walking” while others are gearing up for summer circuit.


Even though I’d love to be going to summer circuit (3 3-day shows 3 weeks apart), it’s kind of nice to be going at a slow and steady pace.  I’m keeping up with lessons and training rides, and am noticing improvement in both myself and Simon without being stressed about it.  It’s giving me some breathing room to accomplish some financial goals, and plus I don’t have to try and wear show clothes in 100+ degrees!  That’s always a plus.


So even though I’m not upping division heights and getting changes left and right, I’m happily pulling off some decent trot circles and trying to facilitate a relaxed, listening horse 100% of the time.  It’s a challenge with my over achieving OTTB, but I’m so lucky to have him.

These pictures were taken last Sunday at our lesson (I loooooove Sunday lessons!) and even though I could get nit picky about myself and my horse, I’m really pleased to see one thing – I’m not jumping ahead so bad.  My trainer constantly tells me to sit up and wait, and I’m starting to listen.  Who knew!


I must be hearing it so much, that I’m starting to sit up and wait for some other stuff in life too.  Riding is one of those zen like activities I think.  The advice you get for your horsemanship usually reflects the advice you may need to hear in other aspects.


Do you feel the same way about any of your weaknesses with riding compared to other weaknesses you may have?

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      1. Success!!!

        But I totally agree that the things I have trouble with around horses are general problems in my everyday life. Patience and coping when the plan falls apart have been super hard for me in general.

  1. Looking good!
    I have the same problem about “waiting.” My last trainer used headsets in lessons, and I would literally hear him saying “wait, wait, wait, wait… ect” in my ear the entire time while jumping. Eventually, he stopped haha once I got the hang of it.
    But now, when I’m riding, I will do the same. I just have to tell myself to wait if I know I am anticipating.
    In life outside of riding, I’ve found that I am doing the same. I’m waiting, and not getting stressed out about things that have yet to come.
    “Good things come to those who wait.” Right?

  2. I have the same habit of jumping ahead. Some days are better than others.
    You both look great in the photos!

  3. Yes on jumping ahead and a few other things too. I often feel like we’re not progressing quickly enough… I want to be working on jumping 4ft (lol) but we often find ourselves working on trot circles as well… hahaha you get the idea.

  4. I jump ahead a lot, well, run ahead technically, but honestly I think it helps me with most things. With Red, it took me months to get comfortable with going faster than a good paced walk just because his gait is so rocky and it’s hard, but once, I can’t remember exactly what happened, I think someone was watching us, I just let go and let him do what he wanted. I *WANTED* to canter, so, so, so bad, but fear held me back, and my pride kind of pushed me and I just said, “who cares, if I fall it’ll be on the soft grass, I’ll be fine” plus, Red obviously isn’t the type of horse to buck, bolt or rear, and I cantered. My desire to just run ahead and do stuff, sometimes before I’m ready, helps me sometimes. Without that habit, I would probably still be walking around in circles on my horse. Then again, it can make matters worse.
    PS: LOVE those pictures!! This sounds kinda weird but I love Simon’s veins in the headshot. Proves he’s healthy and getting muscular!! When my vet came out when we first got Red, she hated that he didn’t have any of the veins showing. 😉 Then again he looked pretty bad then, soooo.. Lol!

  5. Riding is such a physical AND mental sport that it’s impossible not to let your equine problems affect your life problems, and vice versa. I always find that if things are going well horse-wise, so are a lot of things in my life in general… unfortunately the reverse also seems to be true!

  6. Jumping ahead is something I’m very guilty of, despite the fact that I’m constantly telling my students, “Don’t jump the the pony jumps.”

  7. I have been seeing LOTS of “zen horsemanship” posts lately and I LOVE it!

    You and Simon BOTH look fantastic! Whatever you’re doing: keep it up!!! 🙂

  8. Patience is definitely something I have to work on in riding and in many other areas of my life. I have struggled for a long time with jumping ahead. I’m getting much better about it but it still shows up now and then. Practice, practice and more practice and I’m finally starting to see results but it definitely took time and patience to get there.

  9. Great photos!!!! Kudos to the photographer.
    Forgetting to breathe is my main one. I hold all my tension in my shoulders/torso. Breathing is kinda necessary for life too 😛

  10. Very cute pictures, Lauren! Your position looks nice (to my untrained eye), but more importunely, your core looks really strong. :0)

    Jumping ahead is not one of my problems, but remembering to weight my inside seat bone is something I constantly remind myself to do. :0)

    In life, I have to remind myself not to take on too much. Like our OTTBs, I am an over-achiever. When I start to feel like superwoman, I know a crash is imminent. I have to practice saying no, to myself usually! :0)

  11. If I want a reflection of my life, I just need to come here and you provide. I have also taken notes and am thoughtfully working on my flatwork too. <3

  12. Great pics! I think you look great!

    Sometimes taking some time to practice and evaluate things is a big help in the end, even though waiting sucks! I’m not super patient either and I’m a bit hard on myself about not being a better rider by now (whatever that means! lol). My impatience definitely carries over to all aspects of my life – I just want to get things done now! I’m trying to breathe and relax and not be in such a rush all the time.

  13. When hacking I would always anticipate the worst was going to happen if I saw something spooky up ahead, making the spook WAY worse. I had to learn to be calm and not think about, ignore whatever spook did come and then move on. Completely parallel to my everyday life and anxiety. Key word: BREATHE.

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