Slow Weekend

Slow Weekend

I was planning to have an awesome lesson write-up post for you with tons of new and improved jumping pictures.  But I have jack.  Why?  Because I hate the weather.

I know that immediately I will get a bunch of comments about how much worse your weather is than mine, but at the moment I don’t care.  I lost a lot of days riding this week due to rain, and when it was beautiful low 70’s and sunny on Saturday, all the rings were too wet to do much in.  So we trail rode, and worked on Simon’s apparent phobia of puddles.


Also, I gave him a bath.


He’ll probably turn into a mud monster like his pasture-mate though, because as I was contemplating when I was going to ride Sunday… it started raining again.


So I pouted and needlepointed all day.

Needless to say I really did enjoy my time at the barn on Saturday though, even if it wasn’t filled with lots of amazing jumping.  All I have to show for it is a few artistic pictures of Simon’s ears, because I just had my zoom lens with me and we were having some bonding time hand grazing.




It was one of those days where it was just nice to have a horse, even if there was no training agenda.

That being said, he’s being really good and I would like to lesson or canter again in the near future damnit!  Potentially more exciting blogs in the future for y’all… or more ear pictures.  It really depends on the weather.

12 thoughts on “Slow Weekend

  1. In many ways I think it is much worse to have a beautiful day but still not be able to ride because of the footing conditions. At least when the weather is just plain bad it takes the sting out of it a bit. Glad you enjoyed the time you had, though, and hopefully you’ll get some good riding in soon!

  2. Not being able to ride when you’re really super motivated to is the worst 🙁 Hopefully you get a jumping lesson in soon, can’t wait to see photos!

  3. The weather has been so bananas here, too. It was so cold last Monday that our lessons got canceled…then it’s in the 70s this weekend? WTF.

    Here’s to hoping the arena dries out quickly…

  4. For once, the weather here was nicer than where you are. But you spend a lot of time commiserating with us winter-logged folk, so I’m pretty sorry yours was so unproductive. I think heavy rain is about the worst weather to pony-around in. Well, maybe ice too …

    I do love the mud eyebrows Simon gave himself, though. 😉

  5. Weather is all relative if you ask me!

    Though I do have to admit I’m jealous of being able to give your horse a bath without pulling out the hair dryer. 🙂

  6. At least you got some gorgeous photos, I actually read this post after your most recent one and it looks like you had a really productive day needlepointing!

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