All the Feels

All the Feels

This weekend I took my two dogs and a cooler full of bubbly & cheese to meet Simon and my barn family in San Antonio for a schooling show. I had made the executive decision months ago to focus on the hunters, so this was to be our first legitimate show back in that ring. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Part of me felt like we’d win everything, and part of me thought it’d be a huge failure and I’d be back in the jumper ring Sunday morning to redeem my self esteem.

In fact, we were somewhere in the middle between those two extremes.


My loyal equestrian readers deserve a full fledged show write up, which I will provide in the next few days after I put out the fires I left burning in Austin while I skipped off to play pony for the weekend. In short, I can describe the weekend by saying that there were many times where I felt my heart exploding with love.


Love for the dogs (even the high maintenance spaniel) who were troopers and let me know that I’d be able to do weekend horse shows in the future without their Dad to watch them at home.


Love for the trainer who has endless patience and supports my goals even though they’re an uphill battle sometimes. Who can let me know what I need to work on while simultaneously being my cheerleader and helping me find the good in every round.


Love for the barn family who asks the really important questions like, “Would you like some wine? Is someone videoing for you? Want me to try and get photos with your massive camera?”


Most of all, love for the nerd horse. He is a steady constant in my life that I can’t put a value on. Showing him is like spending a few days with a reliable friend who has a lot of feelings, but will always be there for you when you need them. There were times that he was so brilliant for me, and times where he exclaimed “UGH Y THIS SO HARD SO DUMB!” I wouldn’t expect anything less really. Even in his “worst” moments, he never let me down.


Oh yeah, and we got a little satin too… because let’s face it – that’s the real reason I horse show. 😉

35 thoughts on “All the Feels

  1. Yahoo!!! Ya’ll look fantastic!!! So glad for an awesome show, I know how amazing that can feel. The dog crate makes be cringe.. my Aussie would jump out of that in a hot second. Glad your dogs are better behaved than mine!! 🙂

  2. Ugh you guys look so fantastic <3 You're inspiring me so hard to kick ass and take names in the hunter ring this year!!! Can't wait for the full-fledged report.

  3. <3 You guys look amazing!

    Showing by myself with dogs in tow is sometimes the most stressful thing. Damn those huskies and their intolerable whining/howling when left alone in a stall.

  4. My heart is exploding with love for you and Simon-pants and the dogs and wine and cheese and this awesome post!!! I am so glad you had a good weekend. Much deserved.

  5. Your barn family loves you too, and you best bet I was all over the “Does someone have Lauren’s phone so they can video? Where is her camera so someone else can take pictures too??”

    You guys really were pretty awesome this weekend. It was really fun to watch you guys go.

  6. aww yay i’m so glad you two had such a fun weekend!! nerd horses, wine, cheese and good friends. oh, and satin. yup, sounds about perfect!

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