I’ve been a bit vague and brooding about some things lately, but that’s because I try to keep a few rules firmly in place with my blog: don’t write something I wouldn’t say out loud to anyone, and don’t let my blog be the first place someone finds info about me or my horse that they should have known earlier. That being said, everything is official and the right people know… so I can finally say that I’m moving Simon to a new barn mid-May.

It wasn’t an easy decision to come to by any means. I love the people at my current barn and I’m eternally grateful to them. It’s where I regained my confidence with horses, entered my first horse show after a 5 year hiatus, and most importantly – where I finally got to dress up my horse for Halloween! Above all else, my current trainer and barn owner gave me Simon and I’m forever in her debt because I cherish him so much.

At the end of the day, the commute to where I ride now is hard for me – I actually drive past my house to get there and the traffic is heavy. I also would enjoy riding with some people my own age again. A lot of riding and showing is social for me, and although the kids at my barn are great they’re still kids and I’m about twice their age 🙂

The new barn does have a few perks is excited about, like really amazing grass turnout which I hope will help make Simon nice and fat again. This picture is crooked bc I was being a creeper and took it while driving…


The ring is also pretty spiffy. It’s big, appears to have good footing and lots of jumps we haven’t tried much before.


The trainer seems nice and so do the boarders – I just hope I like it as much as I have enjoyed my current place!

19 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. It’s a hard decision to make but you know what you and your horse need the most. Congrats and good luck on the move! Here’s hoping that it’ll lead to even better opportunities.

  2. That is always a tough decision to make but at the end of the day you’ve got to do what works best for you and your horse. Hopefully it works out super for you both!

  3. Finding a place to board my fatty was so difficult, and I am so happy where I’m at. The three people there are all old enough to be my parents, but I get along better with older people and I don’t really like people my age unless they are really mature. :)) I think it’s something that comes along with being raised around all older people and being homeschooled. Lol!!! I’m so happy where I board because I’m such great friends with everyone and Red is taken care of so well. My people there are like my aunt and uncles! I love it. 🙂 Good luck with the move!!!!

  4. Not an easy decision esp when you really like the people where you are at. HOpe that you have a smooth transition and I totally know what you mean about the barn being social – totally agree!!! It’s my happy/fun place away from work lol!

    Excited to “see” your new place!!

  5. Very nice! Can’t wait to read and see more of it! Moving is always a hard decision and stressful, especially if you like the place you are leaving, but sometimes it needs to be done.

  6. Oh wow, the arena looks LOVELY!!!

    I might be having to move barns, too 🙁 Not because I want to, though… I FINALLY found a barn with awesome people, around my age, that do what I do and are supportive and non-drama. Even though the facilities aren’t fantastic… But the owner of the property died and her sons are trying to kind of edge us off of it so they can sell it, and my trainer can’t find another place to lease or buy around here. It’s sad. I have no idea where I’ll go 🙁

    I hope you really enjoy the new barn, though! It looks lovely. It’s especially helpful if its close!

  7. Where to board is always a big decision, and anytime you move it’s tough. Good luck at the new place and I can’t wait to hear more!

  8. I missed this post, we had a visitor for a couple of days so I had to be sociable and not stay buried in the laptop all day.
    Moving is difficult (what am I saying, you moved to Texas!!) but it sounds like it’ll work out for the best. I’m delighted to see you back on your lovely Simon, too 😀

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