Equestrian March Madness Begins!

Equestrian March Madness Begins!

Y’all seem to really like this silly contest I created, which is awesome!  We had a total of 42 blogs sign up to participate, and I’m starting things one day early so I can schedule some voting during my vacation at WEF this weekend.

I will start this “Madness” off by admitting that I thought making a bracket was easy.  Turns out it’s super easy if you have exactly as many blog entries as there are NCAA teams competing… if not, it gets a little interesting.

Our is… a little interesting.

Click to view full size.
Click to view full size.

There are too many participants to do one match per day, so I’m going to try to keep it at a reasonable five matches per “Madness” post and leave them up for several days of voting.

Today our first match-up is ColorWash Studios versus Paola’s Horse Blog in the West Coast division.  ColorWash Studios mixes model horses with real life… and Paola’s Horse Blog is a mix of informative posts about horse breeds and history with her efforts learning to ride dressage.  Vote for your favorite below!

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Our second match-up in the Midwest/Other division is Guinness on Tap and Braymere Custom Saddlery.  Guinness is a dressage horse and Braymere combines model horse hobby miniatures with riding and reflection on horses.  Will the victorious horse in this match be plastic?  Vote below!

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Also from the large Midwest/Other group we have SprinklerBandits and Poodles&Ponies.  Will new blog star Courage best some cute poodles and their pony friends?  Cast your vote!

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In the Northeast it’s a dressage versus hunter/jumper showdown with Stories from the Saddle and Redheaded Mare. Pick your favorite in this battle of the blogging disciplines below.

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And finally with our last match-up today, we have a true Texas show-down with two Texan bloggers Flying Free and Wyvern Oaks.  Which ten gallon hat is your favorite?  Let us know!

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I hope this “Madness” exposes you to some new blogs!  I know I’ve noticed some new favorites recently.

I’ll leave the voting up until sometime Saturday evening this week, and then have 5 new matches up sometime Sunday.  Note, I’ll be in WEF this weekend so I won’t get a chance to update the bracket until next week but I’ll record the final winners first five winners before I post the next round Sunday!

24 thoughts on “Equestrian March Madness Begins!

  1. I didn’t enter because I’m not a huge fan of pitting blog vs. blog, but I do look forward to discovering some new blogs to read!

  2. What a cool idea! Sorry I missed signing up. Have a great time at WEF and take lots of pictures of Jersey Boy and Uceko if you see them 🙂

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