Happy 8th Birthday Simon!

Happy 8th Birthday Simon!

This time last year I had a lame horse turning seven, and we certainly have had a lot to be thankful for in Simon’s seventh year!  We moved barns, got out to several horse shows, and most importantly improved our partnership quite a bit.

I really feel like he’s maturing from the gangly lame OTTB into a muscled, above average Thoroughbred show horse 😉 We still have our struggles, but I’m so excited to see what the eighth year will bring!  Last night in our lesson he gave me the best present ever – two perfect lead changes and lots of moments here he took me around the course like a packer.  Huge progress 🙂

So Happy Birthday to my nerdhorse Simon!  A celebration will be in order, but it’ll have to wait until I’m back from Wellington.  He told me he didn’t mind a late party so long as I refresh his likit and give him a good curry next time I see him.

Here are my eight most favorite pictures taken of Simon in the past year!




Our first time in the 2'3" in September



E1319CF-Centex Final Show


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  1. I didn’t realize he’s so young still – what good boy he is and what a great job you’ve done with him. Happy birthday Simon!

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