Equestrian Colors Mood Board – Black, Silver and White

Equestrian Colors Mood Board – Black, Silver and White

Time for another edition of the the Barn Colors mood board! This week I am featuring products that include black, silver and/or white. These colors are very classy without being in your face neon (although hey, some horses can pull off the neon!) and can be found in the hunter/jumper, dressage AND eventing circles.

As for what color horses look good in these colors, I’d have to say almost all of them! Grays especially look very classy with a black/silver color scheme.


Most of these products are very affordable, with the exception of the Equifit boots. But Equifit boots are fancy smancy and very “in” in the jumper ring… sometimes we have to have something to aspire to! I personally own the fly bonnet by KL Select, and think it looks twice as nice as the meager price tag.

  1. Riding Sport™ Eventing Shirt
  2. Roma® Crescent All-purpose Saddle Pad
  3. Horze ProTrek Riding Rug
  4. Horze Diamond Halter
  5. EquiFit T-Boot EXP2 Open Front Boot
  6. KL Select Fly Veil

Black and silver aren’t my colors, but I do have the bonnet and a (different) matching saddle pad that came from Horze. I wear them when Simon and I are feeling dark and mysterious!

Any of y’all black and silver fans out there?

11 thoughts on “Equestrian Colors Mood Board – Black, Silver and White

  1. I have loved this color board idea!! I’m more of a fan of bright colors especially on a really dark or really light horse, but I have to say, black is very classy, especially for jumping/dressage and etc. I personally wouldn’t choose black because I’m such a bright color person. Lol!!!

  2. I am a big fan of black on my bay, but not as our primary colour. I always like to have a colourful accent. Both of my saddles are black, so I have a lot of black tack. Because he’s dark, I think the colour helps everything pop but I do believe that all black can look really nice on a lighter horse.

  3. When I had my last mare, I always dressed her in black because she was a muddy/grey uniquely spotted Appaloosa. Black was the only color besides red she could wear. It worked out really well because I only did dressage with her, so all black tack. I did have some bling browbands in both aquas and red beads. My black boy wears bright colors all the time (except in the Hunter ring). Haven’t found a color he doesn’t look good in, though I avoid black and navy. I also <3 your color boards 🙂

  4. My colors!! These are my colors! Plus blue in any shade. I have that same exact fly bonnet for Lily. It has held up really well over 3 summers, even getting thrown in the washing machine (air dried after). I have the Smartpak Small Diamond dressage pad in black with white trim (http://www.smartpakequine.com/smartpak-small-diamond-deluxe-dressage-saddle-pad-9499p.aspx) that matches fairly well. Have always wanted the KL Select pad to match the bonnet! (http://klselect.shptron.com/p/dressage-saddle-pads?referring_products=pdp%7C409e7325d57e959fea4ffa910f9d651d) Love this color board idea! Now I have a new halter for my wish list! 🙂

    1. I have two of the USG bonnets and looooooooove them. For the price, they can’t be beat. I really want the brown, tan and ice saddle pad to match my other fly bonnet because it’s a unique color combination and looks fabulous on Simon pants.

  5. My eventing colors are silver and black, with a royal blue accent here and there. I ride a bay with almost no chrome and I think it looks smashing on him. All my tack, including jump tack, is black as well. I love that Roma pad and that fly bonnet is on my must haves this year. Glad to hear its as nice as it seems! I love colors and color schemes and enjoy these boards!

  6. I don’t really do “color” so the black and white thing suits us just fine. We have all black tack, black halters, and black and white pads. And you’re right – grays look really sharp in this palette! :0)

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