Product Review – Horze No Turn Bell Boots

Product Review – Horze No Turn Bell Boots

I love horse boots of all kinds, and that definitely includes bell boots.  Though Simon isn’t terrible about holding shoes, he will occasionally reach too far and step out of his front shoe.  When we’re in sporty sport horse mode, bell boots are a constant part of our tack routine.  So you can imagine I was excited to try these No Turn Bell Boots from Horze!


Though I’m no stranger to bell boots, these were new to me in a few ways.  First, I have always used rubber bell boots and secondly, I have never tried a “no turn” variety.

First impressions were good.  The material was tough on the outside, but soft to the horse.  The color I chose was “Dark Blue” and in this case I’d say that’s an accurate description.  Truthfully, I was hoping for a darker navy but the blue looked nice on him.

I got Simon a full size, since he wears a Large bell boot and is 16.2hh (the size chart for full goes from 15.2-16.2hh).  Fit wise, I almost wish I went a size up.  When I first put on the bell boots, they seemed to sit a tad too high up on the hoof.

A bit too high

I think next time I put them on, I will have the elastic looser across the front of the hoof.  That should help these sit a little lower, but if you are in-between sizes I would recommend sizing up for sure.

How I will adjust next time
How I will adjust next time

While I was riding, I noticed something different than my usual bell boot experience.  Normally when I ride I hear a “flap flap flap” of the rubber flopping around on his hoof.  With these synthetic boots, it was blissfully quiet!  True to their name, when I finished my ride they had not turned at all.

The no turn feature is due to the unique inside of the boot.  There’s just a soft, padded area for in-between the heel bulb.  The inside of these boots felt really nice to me.  If my horse had sensitive skin or got rubs from bell boots easily, I would consider these a definite candidate.

Inside of the boots after one ride
Inside of the boots after one ride

Overall, I liked the No Turn Bell Boots.  I wish they were sized a smidge larger, but there is a lot of adjust-ability in the elastic.  As with many Horze products, I don’t love the large branding.  For schooling I would use these in a heart beat, and the $19.95 price tag is great for that.  I actually think there is a ton of value in these bell boots for under $20.  They are much nicer than a rubber velcro pair that I have which cost just as much!

For the show ring, I wish the ‘Z’ on the front of each hoof was much smaller.  I think if I bought these in black, I might consider coloring in the Z with a Sharpie (sorry Horze!) and with that have a really nice pair of show bell boots for the jumper ring.

Want more Horze products?  They’re currently offering a yearly $5,000 giveaway that you can enter by signing up for their e-mail newsletter.  There are also monthly prizes as well, so you never know… you could win 🙂  Sign up here!

11 thoughts on “Product Review – Horze No Turn Bell Boots

  1. The Z will not be seen as his feet are tucked way up under his belly hehe!

    But for real, these are a Prof Choice knock off which I have an love…and if they are cheaper – then I’m all over them!

    1. I was sent a pair of these too and the professional choice seem to be sturdier 🙂 the sizing is kinda off as Lauren mentioned. I think Houston wears an XXXF in the pro choice which I also found to run small? Or maybe I just like more coverage. The Horze boots only go to XF and they were like hoof mini skirts. 🙁

  2. I got similar Mark Todd pairs for my girls about a year back which are holding up well to abuse although like you found them hard to fit right at first and sometimes have issues with them turning a little despite nice bulb thing.
    Might have to try these as they’re cheaper and prob come in more fun colours than MT black only option.

  3. Interesting that the full ran small too. I found that the XF were way way too small for Houston and didn’t fit a more average size horse all that well either. No horze bell boots for huey I guess.

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