Equestrian Colors Mood Board – Navy and Silver

Equestrian Colors Mood Board – Navy and Silver

Today’s mood board is created solely with Viva Carlos in mind. She has a love for Antares, so adopted navy and silver (Antares’ colors) as her personal colors. That being said, we are not featuring any Antares products today (even though they are oh so beautiful!), but you can get the same color scheme on a budget with some of today’s products!

Navy is a classic equestrian color, and in my opinion the silver gives it some pizzazz with a sparkle. Even though I’m a hunter snob at heart, I have a huge soft spot for a bit of sparkle 🙂


Nothing on this list is going to break the bank!

  1. euro-star Reversible Belt
  2. Silver Cord All Purpose Saddle Pad
  3. Amigo Fleece Cooler
  4. Horze Edinburgh halter and lead
  5. Eskadron Value Set
  6. Pessoa Bling Crochet Ear Nets

Since navy and silver cover 2 out of 3 of my colors, I actually have a few of these products. The Horze saddle pad is really nice and one of my favorites, and the Pessoa ear net is high quality. My only beef with the ear net is that it’s pretty thick, so feels hot for my horse in the summer. It also runs a little large in my opinion.

Who’s digging the navy and silver?

16 thoughts on “Equestrian Colors Mood Board – Navy and Silver

  1. You know, I just don’t do colors. As an endurance rider, I did mostly black with blue. As a dressage rider, I really prefer the simplicity of black and white. I don’t ride with leg boots, although the pair I currently own are white, and my one ear net (for the when the gnats are truly awful) is black. Sydney goes in a Steffen Peters black dressage pad for schooling and a white pad for shows. Speedy schools in several pads (royal, purple, tan) that were chosen by fit rather than color. He shows in a white pad. Both have black halters (one with a black lead and one with a royal blue lead – easier to see in the dark). Their sheets and blankets were chosen based on functionality and came in the colors that they came with.

    Boring, huh?

  2. Edit!! My colors are technically Midnight Blue and Silver, and I had them before I knew what Antares was! Just so happened that I love Antares and their colors are oh so close to my own!

      1. Thank you so much!! The horse size would be way too big for Wiz but he’s not really a pony either. I’ve been looking for nice ones in a cob and can’t find any 🙁

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