Equestrian Colors Mood Board – Burgundy and Grey

Equestrian Colors Mood Board – Burgundy and Grey

If you board or train at a decent sized barn, chances are they have official barn colors… or even if you don’t, chances are you have colors for your horse! I have always been a big ‘barn colors’ kind of person. Elvis and I were red white and blue for a while, then navy and white before I adopted Freedom Run‘s colors of Navy, Burgundy and Silver.

At my new barn, the colors are burgundy and gray and it seems like everyone has at least one item in the barn’s colors. Of course, I immediately wanted to go to The Clothes Horse and order everything in the new colors, but I’m poor and cheap.

What I did do was comb through my favorite online shopping sites for items that already came in my barn’s colors. The result? The first Equestrian Colors Mood board!


These products are ones I picked out because a) they’re affordable, b) they’re decent quality, and c) they come in the right color scheme!

  1. SmartPak Piper Knee Patch Breeches
  2. SmartPak AP Saddle Pad
  3. Rockin’ SP Quarter Horse Cut Fly Sheet
  4. Dura Tech Deluxe Fully Padded Web Halter
  5. Horze Protective Tendon Boots
  6. Horze Elite Riding Hood

I think the Piper Breeches and the Horze Riding Hood (because you can never have too many fly bonnets) are at the top of my list of things to get. Do you have any barn colors that you like to get matching products for?

18 thoughts on “Equestrian Colors Mood Board – Burgundy and Grey

  1. My barn doesn’t have a color or anything, but Red does. Red’s stuff is all, fittingly, red. His saddle pad, his leg wrap thingy’s, his most used halter and his fly bonnet. Next I want a pair of red reins. 🙂 I want to invest in a red jacket or a few red riding shirts so I match..I already have red pants that I ride in. I’d love to get a pair of red breeches, as well.

  2. When I was planning for Rocket, while she was in utero, I got to thinking about what colors I’d like to have. When I was an eventer, my colors were red and black. That’s a little too much for me now. I played on the snafflez website with all kinds of different color combos and decided on the somewhat-unoriginal navy, grey, and white. Things in those colors are easy enough to find, and they’re classy and look good on just about any color horse (which is good since my girls are different colors). Then it turned out that the trainer I’m working with now has those same colors! Magical.

  3. I love your barn colours where I ride we do not have any official colours but you will see lots of pink/purple and Navy blue.when Fiona (my riding instructor) got to choose the pony club hoodies colour she chose navy blue.

  4. We don’t have barn colors but Loki’s colors are black and a little bit of red. My trainer hates the color red but I can’t afford to change all of my colors every time I move. Typically I am moving every two to three years!

    Love the burgundy and gray!

  5. Very cute! Our barn’s colours are black and yellow, but my colours with Walker are either blue or green. We are exclusively blue for awhile but I get bored and decided to switch it up.

  6. I like those colors! When I get a horse I’m going to have a color scheme. When I did eventing a long time ago my colors were navy and red.

  7. While my barn colors are super boring, black gray and white, Libbys personal color is burgundy so thanks for picking out all these things!! Its seriously so hard finding this color in anything… I’ve actually been thinking about getting her some new boots so I’m going to look into the Horze ones 🙂

  8. I love the things you found! My barn is an eventing facility so we all kind of have our own colors. Our barn saddle pads have a green trim but I kind of do my own thing which typically involves navy, grey, white, and black. I’m wild!!! 😉

  9. I love burgundy! When I evented, my colors were burgundy and hunter green, then I changed over to burgundy and gold. I’m just lucky that my chestnut is orange enough to pull off burgundy. It can look ridiculous on some redheads!

    Those Piper breeches are awesome looking, let us know what they’re like if you do get them!

  10. Lovely colors. My jump trainer uses the same colors. I may have to mirror your post as I board at a complicated place. Because of that, I just established my own colors, esp when I thought I might do eventing (too chicken!). Because my horse is black, I chose royal blue, white & black. Don’t think I could ever do royal breeches though!!

  11. You could seriously have an entire blog dedicated to this- what a good idea! I’d love to go to a website and have someone already have done the shopping for me in my choice of color, lol!

  12. This is my favorite one you made! I have had my own colors since I was five of royal blue and yellow…but the barn I show with is purple and grey…and I think neutrals looks the best on my big grey horse so I tend to do white or black polos and pads. Color confusion! But I do at least like to always have a coordinating color scheme when I ride: my shirt, horse’s pad, and polos. Fun idea!

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