Product Review – Horze Lyon Synthetic Leather Gloves

Product Review – Horze Lyon Synthetic Leather Gloves

Horze recently asked me to review some products, which made me super happy because I’m still on a indefinite spending freeze and there have been no new shiny things to play with.  Thanks Horze!  That being said, these are all still my opinions on the products – first up, riding gloves!

Traditionally, I’m not a glove person.  Give me the option and I will go gloveless for schooling and show.  I traditionally hate how bulky gloves make my hands feel, but the Lyon Synthetic Leather Gloves solved that problem for me.  These were the first pair of leather-like riding gloves that were light on my hands and didn’t distract my feel.

These gloves remind me of the SSG All Weather Gloves, but are much more substantial.  The synthetic leather feels a bit like suede, and the stitching seems stronger than the SSG Gloves.  The price point is also very similar, with the Horze Lyon gloves coming in at $29.95.


A big reason why I liked this pair so much is the fabric in-between the fingers and on top of your knuckle.  Instead of thicker, synthetic leather it’s a fine, stretchy fabric that is super breathable.  That means that after riding on a 100 degree day, my hands don’t feel sweaty and I don’t feel uncomfortable.  Win!  At first the stretchy fabric feels a bit strange, but then I didn’t notice anything but air flow through my fingers.

My gloves.  The silver fabric is the breathable part!
My gloves. The silver fabric is the breathable part!

My biggest critique of the gloves are the look and branding.  Like many Horze products, the logo is prominently featured front and center.  Also, the lovely stretchy fabric I love is a contrasting silver color.  Super fun and sporty looking for cross country and jumpers, but I think you’d have a hard time with these in the hunter and dressage ring.

Slightly blurry picture of the gloves in action
Slightly blurry picture of the gloves in action

These riding gloves come in black, grey and dark blue.  I would call the dark blue more of a navy, and wouldn’t hesitate to wear it with my navy jumper bonnet & saddle pad combination.

All in all, I really enjoyed the Horze Lyon Synthetic Gloves.  If you like a tight fitting glove that doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your hands, and don’t mind the sporty look… check these out!  For people who always ride in gloves, I would think these are a must for hot weather schooling.

Want more Horze products?  They’re currently offering a yearly $5,000 giveaway that you can enter by signing up for their e-mail newsletter.  There are also monthly prizes as well, so you never know… you could win 🙂  Sign up here!

12 thoughts on “Product Review – Horze Lyon Synthetic Leather Gloves

  1. Nice!

    Glove aside: I used to hate riding in gloves when I did hunters and eventing. But, when I switched to pure dressage gloves became mandatory. I find if I ride without them I end up with huge callouses. Difference in contact requirements, I assume.

  2. I used to ride in gloves all the time, but found that I am so much lighter with my hand aids without them, so I stopped. The callouses and the occasional blisters that result stink! If the Horze gloves are really as thin as you say, I may have to give them a try!

  3. What is WITH all the companies putting giant logos on everything? I’ve passed up on so many purchases for just that reason. Otherwise, these definitely sound like something I’d be interested in trying. Thanks for the great review!

  4. Sounds comparable to the SSG Technical gloves, which are breathable fabric for hot/sweaty days, but also have giant pattern/not suitable for dressage or hunter ring.

  5. I looooove Horze things! I feel naked riding without gloves, and I’m addicted to the pull-on, mesh-backed style for summer…however, these look really cool. Might have to try ’em someday.

  6. Count me in as a glove lover! I had it beaten into my head at a young age that you had to wear gloves for ALL THE THINGS ALWAYS and ever since have worn gloves for basically every ride/drive. But they get hot and nasty quickly… anything breathable gets a thumbs up from me!

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