Travel Tuesday – Vienna

Travel Tuesday – Vienna

I think every horse person wants to go to Vienna.  I’ve been fortunate to get to go twice.  My first trip was with school, and I skipped out on a scheduled activity to have an afternoon to myself at the Spanish Riding School museum.  The second time I went with Tim, and was able to see the morning exercises.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t book a stable tour like I had hoped… so that just means I need to go to Vienna a third time, right?


Inside the morning exercises, photography is very forbidden.  I am not a great rule follower when it comes to that, and I snuck my camera in anyway.  I knew better than to use the flash, but only got a few blurry photos before a slew of angry tourists told me to stop taking photos.  I think they thought it would scare the horses, and the horses were very special and not to be scared.


I don’t know enough German to say there was no way my non-flash photography would scare these stallions, so I just shrugged and put up my camera.


Even outside the riding school, horses saturate Vienna.


It’s one of my husband’s least favorite European cities, and one of my top favorites.  Sure, it’s expensive and crowded but I think it’s something special.


What are your opinions on this horsey European city?

11 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Vienna

  1. When I was a kid I watched Disney’s Miracle of the White Stallions and thought I would grow up to work with these horses… Sadly I have not yet been, my husband has and specifically went and brought me back some souvenirs.. One day I’ll go for sure!

  2. I’ve not been to Vienna, but I have been to several other European cities/countries. i ADORE Europe. I love everything about it, especially the people. We’ll be in Portugal this summer (we’re driving the entire country over a two week period), and I’ve already contacted a woman about a riding day. Austria hasn’t been on our short list, but hopefully we’ll make it someday. :0)

  3. I was very lucky to get see the horses perform. I was with a group of school kids and they all thought it was super boring, but I thought it was pretty amazing! I wish I had gotten to spend more time there and do a stable tour.

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