Simon Saves the Ta Tas

Simon Saves the Ta Tas

When I first saw Jodi’s contest at Racing to Ride I thought, “That is super cool!  I can’t wait to see what other people do.”  I own nothing pink, and I don’t even really like the color pink.  In fact, I didn’t really wear pink until I graduated from college and used to claim to hate it strongly.  Then I learned that just because you wear pink, doesn’t mean you’re a waify girly girl… so I wear it when I feel like it.


Anyway, originally I wasn’t going to participate… but then I thought about it some more.  It’s been a few years since I dressed up Simon for Halloween and I wasn’t going to be able to do so this year.  I decided to ask a barn friend who also enjoys a good horse costume if she was interested in dressing our boys up in pink for the contest, and she responded an hour later with “I bought glitter!”

So that was that, it was a dress-up date!


Besides Jodi’s contest being a really fun way to spend my otherwise boring Saturday, it’s an important cause.  I have a friend finishing up radiation treatment now and she’s handling it so gracefully.  I don’t think my attitude about everything would be as good as her’s.


I don’t think dressing Simon up in pink is doing anything to help, but if it prompts someone to go to the doctor to get a physical than that’s a great. It’s not just breast cancer that we’re susceptible to.  Cancer doesn’t care how old you are, if you’re in great riding shape or you have the perfect diet.  Sometimes things are lurking, and the only way to know is to stay on top of yearly physicals and practicing self exams.


I’m not wording this well, because I’m much better at talking about ponies than I am scary illnesses.  Short story?  Take care of yourself.  Get your boobies and your hoo ha (yes, I said it) looked at by a physician at least yearly.  And if you want to donate to help the cause in a more direct way, here is a great list of non-profits for breast cancer research that aren’t the controversial Susan G. Komen organization.



Thanks to Jodi for a great contest for a great cause!  It gave me a fun excuse to play dress-up with my beloved ponykins 🙂


19 thoughts on “Simon Saves the Ta Tas

  1. I’m not a pink lover either, but I will say dressing up for the Ride for the Cure horse trials this year was pretty fun – you guys look great!

  2. I LOVE all of the photos!

    I used to be the same way about pink…to the degree that when I wear it now people are astounded lol

  3. A+ for going all out 🙂 And that was the first time I EVER read about a Hoo Ha! Loved it! Still chuckling away… I think you may have a talent for getting people to take action on this… Well done!

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