Travel Tuesday – Los Angeles

Travel Tuesday – Los Angeles

I had yet another decidedly unhorsey weekend this past weekend when I went to visit my friend in Los Angeles.  Never having been to the city, I had no idea what to expect.  Honestly I thought it would be all plastic surgery and south Florida feeling… but it had a very different vibe entirely.  Not saying I want to pack up and move there, but I enjoyed the city way more than I thought I would!  I knew I would have a great time seeing my friend, but wasn’t sure what I would think of LA itself.

With my flight schedule, I was really on there for a day and a half.  Day one we did a lot of strolling around, running errands, and eating all the yummy food.


We saw the hotel in Culver City where the Wizard of Oz cast stayed during the movie.  The cast was so popular, that they built a tunnel going underneath the ground straight from the hotel to the studios.  Now there’s an adorable fountain.



Specifically time spent in little Tokyo, where something amazing was happening.


That my friends, is Hello Kitty con.  Perhaps my greatest sadness of 2014 may be that Hello Kitty Con was sold out, and I could not attend.  They had workshops on “How to Hello Kittyfy your life!” like doing your nails in Hello Kitty style and Hello Kitty cake decorating.  They were giving out free Hello Kitty tattoos. The costumes alone leaving it were amazing.


On Saturday we ate more yummy food (this is an excellent theme) and toured the CA coast… with a quick stop in the American Girl store in the morning.  I had never been, and it’s quite the spectacle.

Where was this when I was a kid?
Where was this when I was a kid?
Kinda want this now...
Kinda want this now…
Grown adults doing doll hair all day long
Grown adults doing doll hair all day long

Even though I’ve been to San Francisco, I haven’t really seen much of the Pacific ocean… so that was the goal.  We started in Venice beach, which wasn’t super crowded due to it being a tad cold.  I was okay with that, because even with smaller crowds there were plenty of crazy people to see.





We rode up the Pacific Coast highway and headed to Malibu, where we walked up Point Dume.  That was perhaps my favorite part, because the weather was perfect and it showed me just how pretty the natural part of LA is.  When I think Southern California, I don’t automatically assume natural beauty… but there is plenty there.










Later that night we went out to do some bar hopping in Hollywood.  By bar hopping, I mean Lauren got obsessed with Hollywood stars and stared at the ground looking for celebrities I know and love.  They move the less famous people further out from ground zero, so of course my favorites that I found were animal related.



This was a pretty fast trip, but I had a great time.  Have you been to LA?  If so, did it fulfill your grand Hollywood expectations?

19 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Los Angeles

  1. I lived there for four years and you did more stuff than I did while I was down there! LOL. Its definitely an interesting and very alive city but I never need to live there again.

      1. Since you have a friend there, go when the Longines Masters is back in town in 2015. AMAZING experience and well worth it!

  2. I went many years ago when I qualified for IHSA Nationals in Burbank. I need to go again. My parents used to live out there but it would be fun to go with friends this time!

  3. I have come to the conclusion that much like the internet’s rule 34…if it exists, there is a convention for it. Love, the girl looking to go to LeakyCon (Harry Potter) and a Castle convention in the next year or two.

  4. Pretty cool we both traveled there this year! LA was interesting, I had the best party night of my life there but I don’t think I would spend more than 3-4 days there.

  5. I hope you’ll let me know the next time you come back out! Ventura is pretty close to Malibu and I’d surely venture into LA for a chance to meet a fellow blogger, though to be honest I rarely go down that way except to meet with family for special occasions. =)

  6. Grew up there! From the South Bay to the Valley From the West Side to the East Side, Everybody’s very happy ‘Cause the sun is shining all the time. cuz its another perfect day…. I ( will always) love LA

  7. UGH I forgot that “get another equestrian tattoo” was on your “30 Before 30” List… had I remembered this I would have fought a small cosplayer for her Hello Kittycon badge, snuck us both in, and made you get a “Hello Kitty riding a unicorn” tattoo.

  8. Of course :0) LA is in my backyard. Just close enough to go every weekend (which I frequently do), but far enough away that I don’t have to deal with the traffic on a daily basis. The Pacific Ocean is certainly worthy of a visit, and your photos did it justice. :0) Glad you enjoyed your stay!

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