I Kept a Secret

I Kept a Secret

About a month ago, I was contacted by someone from the Chronicle of the Horse asking if I would like to be interviewed for their Amateurs Like Us series.  Megan had found my blog, and asked her editor if she thought it would good be a good fit.  Turns out, they did and I sent a ton of info over!

The article posted today – Amateurs Like Us: Lauren Mauldin Takes On Texas and I’m super excited.  With an audience as big as COTH, you never know how something is going to go over.  I spent a really long time agonizing over the questions and hoping I didn’t sound stupid, ha.

Photo by Anneke Paterson Photography

Now that it’s out, I’m really happy.  I don’t think I sound stupid, and the star of the article is really Simon.  That’s how it should be, because he’s totally a lot cooler than I am.  🙂

Long time readers will notice that it says I have been showing 2’6″ – 2’9″, which is my move up division(s) instead of my current ones (hopefully moving up sooner rather than later).  Also, I really do want to do the “big” stuff one day.  I would be perfectly happy staying local and showing, because for a long time even that didn’t seen attainable… but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to go to the big circuits like Colorado and WEF.

Photo by Anneke Paterson Photography
Photo by Anneke Paterson Photography

Who knows, maybe one day.  Maybe not.

Either way, I’m really proud of this blog and really thankful for all the support.  I doubt I’ll ever be featured in the Chronicle for my riding abilities, so it was just super awesome to have this to share my beloved little Thoroughbred with the world.

Photo by Anneke Paterson Photography
Photo by Anneke Paterson Photography

Thank you to Megan and Chronicle of the Horse for this amazing opportunity!

39 thoughts on “I Kept a Secret

  1. I pulled up Chronicle to go troll the forums for train wrecks (we’re super productive here at work today) and went “OMG I KNOW HER GUYS LOOK I KNOW THE PERSON ON THE FRONT PAGE OF COTH TODAY!”

    SO cool!!

  2. Today in my early morning stupor, I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw you and Simon and was like awww how cute! Then I saw it said Chronicle of the Horse and I woke up immediately hahah So great seeing you and Simon featured on their site! I think COTH actually does do a good job of featuring regular people and not just the people with deep pockets.

    Hope we get to see more of you and Simon on COTH!!

    1. I agree! I have really loved their online content lately, and found it to be a lot more creative and outside of the box than it was several years ago. Can’t help but love COTH 🙂

  3. I was so excited when I saw you!! It’s like knowing someone famous. 😉 I loved your article. Most of that series has featured amazing women pulling down 6 figures and showing horses that cost more than my house, and you are 1000% more relatable than that for me. Yay Lauren and yay Chronicle!

  4. I was so pumped to see you! I love the pic they choose too. I am so happy for you, what an awesome treat for the end of the year. You should be so proud 🙂

  5. This is amazing. Congratulations, you deserve it. You’re probably one of my favorite blogs to read because it always puts in my head that one day, Brantley and I will be able to do it to. 🙂

  6. What a great article and very cool to see you guys in it. I really like the whole series, actually. I find it very interesting reading about all the amateurs out there!

  7. Wow! Very nice write up! Simon is so handsome. I had never heard of the Take 2 thing. I just looked it up and there might be one or two near me. That might be a fun future goal. 🙂 Congrats on the wonderful feature.

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