Things I Want But Do Not Need

Things I Want But Do Not Need

I really do try to follow the mantra “buy needs, not wants” when it comes to horse stuff.  Let’s face it – there is a ton of stuff to buy out there.  Most of it I don’t really need.

Still, I usually will splurge and get a few things a quarter that are true “wants” so long as they are reasonably priced and I can afford them.  However, I currently have pretty much all of my “want” budget in 2014 invested in a very expensive need and therefore am trying to halt as much equestrian spending as possible until I’m debt free.

Since I can’t shop while being responsible, I’m going to show you all the things I would buy in hopes that it will ease the pain and not being able to get my grubby little paws on them immediately.


A summer riding shirt – I’ve been pretty skeptical that long sleeves could be more comfortable than short sleeves in 105 degree Texas summer heat… but multiple people have told me that these are the shit.  On my fantasy shopping trip, I’d take a selection of bright colors please!


New daily turnout halter – Simon’s leather halter looks like it’s been chewed by a baby warmblood… mostly because it’s been chewed by a baby warmblood.  Also, he tried to kill it when he flipped over at the trailer, so while it’s functional… it’s seen better days.  I’d like one of the Dover cheapy padded ones that are havana with a color padding underneath.  They’re nice, and not so expensive that I wouldn’t mind it getting tossed around with daily turnout stuff.


Summer technical show shirt – I didn’t know I wanted one of these until I felt how soft and cool the fabric was last time I was in Dover.  They have vents underneath, moisture wicking fabric, and they’re so comfortable looking.  Basically I need to figure out how to get one of these in my life before summer circuit shows are here… otherwise I may die in the heat.  For realz.


All the belts – Since I’ve been riding in decent breeches + tucked in polo shirt lately, I am becoming obsessed with belts.  If it’s 2″ thick and fits me, I want it in my life.  Double want if it’s Tailored Sportsman and gorgeous.


Custom baby pad – When the new saddle comes in I shouldn’t need to pad the crap out of it, which means I need some baby pads to protect my fancy half pad… right?  I think I need a barn one, and one that says “Simon” and one with my monogram…

Instead of whining about things I can’t have some more, I’ll finish this post with something I do have and love!  This cooler was a Christmas present from my husband that took absolutely forever to be delivered, but it was for sure worth the wait.  Look how pretty!


What have you been pining for lately that’s truly a want splurge?

23 thoughts on “Things I Want But Do Not Need

  1. Man, I have been pining for new breeches and new saddle pads, but I don’t REALLY need either. And a new cob-sized bridle for Moe’s tiny, tiny head.

    For summer shirts, if you’re dying in cotton polos/tees, I’d recommend buying some moisture wicking cheapies. I know it gets just as hot in TX as it does in OK and I live in Nike Dri Fit shirts obtained on clearance from an outlet store. I’ve had good luck with Eastbay’s EVAPOR Performance tees ($5.99 or 2 for $9.99) and Old Navy’s active line (when is Old Navy NOT having a sale?) too. I haven’t seen any long-sleeved shirts at those brands, but I also haven’t been looking.

  2. I would love a new pair of summer breeches, new tall boots, and a new winter riding coat for next year – my current one is usable and functional but worn beyond belief!

  3. I just sold my dressage saddle bc it didn’t fit hue right so a big want is another dressage saddle. Not sure when I’ll be able to get on that though. A more realistic want is a pair of La Mundials. But if I buy the boots I can’t buy the saddle for even longer! So nothing for now. Though I totes just splurged on an ogilvy half pad and the 6 week wait is killing me! Need it in my hot little hands right now! Hopefully next week. 🙂

  4. Right now, knock on wood, I’m really content with everything. My new saddle (le sigh so heavy but so perfect) makes me happy every time I look at it. I really need a new pair of spurs (ordered!) spur straps and new splint boots. Maybe some bell boots just for fun, haha!! I’m obsessed with headstalls though so eventually I’ll probably get a new one…. :))

    On the long sleeved thing in summer, I typically like to ride in long sleeves because it protects my arms against scary things on the trails (ex: trees, bugs, lol) so I suppose I’d like to splurge on more lightweight long sleeved shirts for this summer.

  5. I have kept myself from shopping for so long that I don’t even know what I’d buy if you gave me a $500 gift card to Smartpak. Maybe a pair of tan full seats for showing so that my trainer will stop telling me to replace my little kids knee patch Ariats?

  6. Love the cooler! I think I’d like to try and get my hands on a summer technical show shirt as well but will also have to wait. It’s fun to make want lists, though!

  7. Simon looks great in his new cooler! The top of my “want” list includes a new GPA helmet, but only after a new saddle. Those bright colored shirts look and sound awesome! I might have to give them a try here in Georgia!

  8. I wish I had the same restraint when it came to wants. I have to buy ALL THE THINGS. I’m pretty good about finding good deals though, otherwise I’d be broke(r).

  9. Smartpak just ran an embroidery special so I got three of your favorite saddle pads with free monograms!
    I’ve got a halter on my wish list for Ellie. It makes more sense to switch out Wilbur’s nameplate but think I want something for each that’s their own!

  10. I wanted a training surcingle for the longest time. I had it on my wishlist for over a year before I finally bought one.

  11. BELTS!! I am such a beltaholic. My grandmother just gave me an gorgeous Coach belt she had laying around. So pretty. So free. So … Best thing ever. 🙂

    I love window shopping. If you get a chance to try those long sleeved shirts, let us know how they are!

  12. I just got that orange summer shirt and love it! Of course, I have no idea if it will actually be cool enough to ride in in summer as it is currently raining….

    I also ordered that exact technical show shirt but it has been on back order at Smartpak for forever so I am still waiting. Super excited for it though!

  13. Your list seems pretty resasonable! I know (from my brief brief exposure) that HJ world likes riders to have collars – but try to check out outdoors gear sites for some cheap/on sale/lightly used gear in technical fabrics for outside use in summer, etc. has a lot of lightly used gear (someone buys then returns to and they sell it for 75% off and free shipping). I’ve bought many items on there through the years – 1 wash and I have a BRAND NEW item. Bike jerseys can have potential to have collars sometimes – hopefully you can find something!

    And me? Oh…everything. Hahaha. I keep telling myself that I can function just fine without *all the things* but yeah…the reality is I’ll probably drop a few hundred at the AERC convention this weekend. Portable corral is the only *necessity*. And new Renegades. Beyond that? The extra breast plate, the crupper, the Dr. Cook bitless bridle…the list goes on…all wants.

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