Selfie Sunday – The Kindness of Strangers

Selfie Sunday – The Kindness of Strangers

When I started blogging, I had some expectations in mind.  I figured I would have a good look back into progress with my horse, maybe hit some traffic goals with subscribers and learn more about writing and how to market myself.  All of those things turned out to be true, but what I didn’t anticipate was making real friends through blogging.

Though I say “strangers” in the title of this post, I don’t consider my blogging friends strangers… even though I haven’t met many of them in person.  Even still, I never expected the amazing box I found on my front porch Saturday afternoon.


Inside was a really sweet card from my buddy Tracy from Fly On Over about bumps in the road and wishing me, Tim and our family of critters well.  I immediately knew that all my furbabies were going to be thrilled when I saw what was inside the box.


A squeaky lamb?  For meeeeeee?!?
A squeaky lamb? For meeeeeee?!?
Wheeeeeeeeeeee squeaky lamb!!!!!!
Wheeeeeeeeeeee squeaky lamb!!!!!!

Eliot wasn’t the only baby to get spoiled due to Tracy’s kindness.  There was also some dog treats and a likit for Simon.


We can has dog treats?!
We can has dog treats?!

This was so incredibly thoughtful, and officially started March out on a great note.  I am so touched by Tracy’s kindness and also from all of the encouraging comments I’ve gotten from everyone in the past few months.  Even though some things have been tough, I know I have a lot to be thankful for.  I’m incredibly thankful for everyone that frequents this little blog of mine!

Thank you again Tracy, from me and all my critters!

11 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday – The Kindness of Strangers

  1. So glad the whole family loved it 🙂 Sometimes when it feels like everything is going wrong, just the smallest act of kindness really helps turn my mood around. <3

  2. The blogging community is just awesome. When Gogo died, I had hundreds – literally hundreds! – of people send me their condolences, write me long letters about how much we had touched their lives, sent me cards, and sent me gifts, including seven handmade portraits (in all types of media!) and the most amazing handmade blanket with pictures of her on it (it is still here on display on my couch, much loved and used every day). Jen even had her awesome photographer friend set up a private session for us, so we had some incredibly gorgeous photos of us together while she was still vibrant and lively.
    Losing her was SO hard, but all of the kindness I received was overwhelmingly wonderful, and helped me get through that terrible time.

  3. That pic of Eliot wanting the toy is precious! I love getting things in the mail and I definitely appreciate the heartfelt letters and cards I received from Bloggers when I lost Carlos.

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