Product Review – Ocala Ladies Show Shirt

Product Review – Ocala Ladies Show Shirt

Before my last show, I found myself in a little bit of a pinch with my show shirt.  Pinch is a literal term here, because it was perhaps pinching at the buttons… as in it was too small.  I didn’t want to spend a ton of money and I wanted a “fun” color, so I turned to The Collection Online Store after reading some positive reviews on Chronicle and seeing good prices.

I picked out the Ocala Ladies Show Shirt in teal about two weeks prior to my show.  I have to admit, having never ordered from the store before and seeing the PayPal cart I was a little curious if I would get my shirt in time for the show.  I sent an email with my order wanting to verify that the shirt would come in time.

After several days of no response, I got a little nervous and sent a follow up email.  I then got a prompt friendly response saying she didn’t realize the shirt was out of stock, but she just got some in and it would ship priority the next day – plenty of time for the show.  Yay!


Positives:  This shirt’s price point is great in my opinion.  It is $45 which included shipping.  The seller is great to work with, and there are tons of color and sizing options available.  If you’re a plus sized rider, it can be hard to find a show shirt that fits well.  These go up to 50, so they will fit a wide variety of riders.  The fabric is also Cool Max so it’s fairly moisture wicking and bearable to wear in extreme heat.

Fit: I would say this is a bit roomier than some show shirts I have tried on lately.  Not a problem for me, but if you love a very form fitting shirt it might not be your favorite.  My only complaint is that the sleeves are very long.  I’m going to have to get mine shortened at the tailors because they stick out of my hunt coat way too much.


Style: Each shirt has a very fun pattern in the cuffs, color, and under the buttons.  I personally love this and enjoyed walking around the show with my collar flipped down to show the fun pattern.  If you were showing in a very conservative class (medal, eq) that waived coats, I might pick a different shirt.  If you have any boobs or a little extra around the mid section, the nature of button down is to pucker a bit (even if it fits well).  When this shirt puckers, it shows the fun pattern… might not be quite as conservative as you need depending on the situation.

You can see what I mean here around the buttons.

Overall I loved this shirt and will be getting another fun color to mix it up for future shows.  It was comfy and fun and I felt very confident in it!

5 thoughts on “Product Review – Ocala Ladies Show Shirt

  1. I’m plus sized as well and it’s hard to find cute show clothes that fit well. I’ll be taking a look at these!

  2. Oh! I will have to check these out! I am fuller in the chest area so I tend to have to buy up a size so that there isn’t any gaping… I love the fun ascents!

  3. I was unfamiliar with this website but I actually see a couple of things that I would love to try including the shirt. Now if only I had some moola!! Great review.

  4. I’ve had a crush on show shirts with extra patterning on the collar and cuffs forever (i.e. a couple months). Being new to the hunter show world, I wasn’t sure if it was acceptable. I only stepped up to a shirt with a subtle navy and white-on-white plaid for my last couple shows, lol. Your shirt looks great! I love the Coolmax fabric too.

  5. $45 for a Coolmax, button collar, fancy show shirt!? Wow what a deal!! I’ve been kind of, sort of, looking around for a new show shirt (mines over 3 yrs old and is the OLD style) so I might have to look into this 🙂

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