The Slumps

The Slumps

I am in the slumps right now.  ‘The’ slumps is a lot like a slump, but it takes an article and a plural because there are more than one.

Typically in December, I lose a lot of riding motivation.  This is normal, and I step back from my usual 4-5 times a week to a more 2-3 times a week.  I just tell myself that we’ve been working really hard, and it’s okay to take a step back and give him an easy month.  This year though, I went on vacation + got sick so Simon got a solid week and a half off.  Coming back, our rides have not been so amazing.

It’s been a lot like, “Let’s do this friend,” and he’s all “HAHA I DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE!”

He’s not bad, he’s just gone rogue a little bit.

Funny that my trainer always remember this is why we don’t give him lots of time off, but I seem to forget?  Anyway, riding has not been super fun.


Plus, I’m still minorly traumatized from the show.  My desire to jump anything significant is temporarily gone.  For my lesson Saturday, I asked for a flat lesson.  My trainer responded via text with, “I was thinking gymnastics.”  Oui.  I did “pony up” and go jump around, but admit I ended up asking for a later lesson so I could be in the smaller hunter group instead of the jumper group.  We actually did well though, which was somewhat encouraging.

The other side of my blahs is a cough.  Going on week three, I’m still sick.  Not sick in bed “oh I can’t go on” sick, but a mild to violent cough that is waking me up at night and generally giving me the finger throughout the day.

My house is cute and festive though
My house is cute and festive though

Also, the underwire has broken on literally 60% of my bras within two days.  Everyone cross your fingers that my Black Friday shopping shipment comes soon, because I currently can’t wear any light color shirts due to the selection.  It’s a struggle people – it’s a struggle.

Holiday baking is easier than riding horses.
Holiday baking is easier than riding horses.

So that’s what’s going on.  I figured an update was due since I’ve been pretty silent on the Simon and Lauren front due to all the showcases (more coming tomorrow!) and other stuff going on.  We’re still here doing what we do, just a tad bit less enthusiastically than normal.

31 thoughts on “The Slumps

  1. Ugh. Those are bad slumps. I’ve got that persistent cough going too. I thought it was gone last week and then all of sudden it’s back. It’s the worst. 🙁

  2. I have the slumps, too. I just came off a really intense month or two of schooling with Pig where we were making leaps and bounds so easily. Now, he’s still going well, but the work has gotten a bit more nitpicky and mundane. It’s back to slogging through the work a bit, and it’s cold, and wet, and gray, or dark, and, well, I don’t wanna.

    Pity party. #thrown

  3. I hear ya, my girls and I are suffering from the winter slumps. I hoping two strolls in the woods over the weekend helped blow out our cobwebs. Shall see when I get to the barn later. Fingers crossed & I hope you feel better asap!

  4. I usually hit one of those this time of year, but right now I’m still in the “OMG INDOOOOOR” phase, so we’ll see. It’s just part of ammy life. It’s a pity Simon isn’t one for time off–any chance the budget allows a couple of trainer rides to get him back on track while you recover?

  5. Your house looks adorable!! And I totally get the ‘lack of motivation’ stuff. I usually have a rough time after the holidays are thru and before it gets warm again 🙁

  6. good luck and hope the cough clears up soon! this really is the season for the slumps, i think. it’ll pass eventually, sure, but in the meantime hope you can enjoy the down time a bit!

  7. December is very difficult for riding. There’s the whole Christmas thing going on, forcing one to spend valuable daylight riding hours in shops and/or baking. Then there’s the weather – it’s finally stopped raining here but that means it’s COLD! I’m listening to the mistral howling around the house and thinking Do I really want to ride today?
    Once Dec 22 has passed and I start to notice the stretch in the evenings again, I generally perk up. Hope it’s the same for you.

  8. Ugh I feel you on the bra thing. SUCKS!!!!

    The lingering cough sucks too. Did you ask your doctor about it? There might be something that can help you get over it quicker.

    My horse has gone a little rogue too. I think there is something in the air hehe. Hang in there. It will get better!

  9. I feel you on the Slumps. Here in the Northeast, it is dark when I get out of work. Yesterday was a brisk 33 degrees at 4:30. Umm no. I’m going home.

  10. I think that’s normal for everyone this time of year. Plus there’s just so much going on… I’ve had wiz in training the last three weeks and only riding on weekends. I had to drive out there after work today to meet the farrier and I caught myself thinking “why do I do this? This drive is so long. I could totally sell him and have a life.”

    Of course when I got to the barn I remembered why I totally do this lol. Hang in there 🙂 and feel better!

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