Equestrian Gift Showcase – One Horse

Equestrian Gift Showcase – One Horse

It was from the retail savvy blog of the $900 Facebook Pony where I first learned of the cool designs that are One Horse.  I love horses and horse clothing, but tend to go for the more subtle equestrian look than LOOK THERE’S A GIANT PONY ON EVERYTHING I OWN.

One Horse has trendy + equestrian + subtle down with their designs, at least in my opinion!  Here are some of my favorite designs, which I can go ahead and tell you come in a wide range of products from $10 tee shirts to adorable farm totes.

Clothing wise, One Horse has many different designs and style offerings.  I’ve featured a sampling, but you have to browse their products to get the full extent.  Essentially, many designs are available in a variety of colors and styles.



One Horse tees are available in lots of different styles, with super soft, quality fabric.


Pretty sure the ‘Under Control’ design is my favorite!

Since it’s not exactly t-shirt time for many people right now, you should check out their long sleeve offerings.  They have a long sleeve with really nice details like extended sleeves with thumb holes.  Easy to layer and stay warm at the barn or out with friends!



If you’re looking for something a bit thicker, try the pullovers.  They feature the same cool designs with some extra oomph in the warmth department.



Of course, it isn’t always chilly.  For summer One Horse has ton of super cute tank tops.  They feel a little 80’s inspired to me with bright colors and razerback design.  If you’re a fan of color, these are going to be right up your ally!



One Horse doesn’t forget the pony kids in your life!  With sweet designs and youthful colors, these kids tee shirts would be pretty precious on any pony lover.


If clothing isn’t what you’re looking for, One Horse has a line of accessories as well.  They have neat bracelets and necklaces, but I especially like the farm totes.



As a former graphic designer, I can really appreciate the trend and chique behind the designs but also as a consumer I appreciate the attention to details and quality!  With tons of flash sales and a $10 tee box, it’s hard to lose with a One Horse gift this holiday season.

If you agree, check out the holiday discount One Horse has provided for today’s showcase!


Use the above discount code “holiday20” to save 20% on One Horse merchandise (does not apply to $10 Tee Box)!  They are also running free shipping for the holiday season, so now is a great time to get that cute equestrian shirt you’ve been wanting.

Which design is your favorite?

14 thoughts on “Equestrian Gift Showcase – One Horse

  1. I loooooove One Horse shirts! I have three. I wear them to work all the time with a blazer over the top and a pair of skinny jeans. They are the best! Most of all, I love the One Horse logo. I wish she’d make a t-shirt with just the logo on it. I would buy the crap out of that! You hear me One Horse? Huh?! 😉

  2. You just enabled my terrible clothes buying habit. Just bought four shirts (two for me, two for my friend). Can I use Christmas shopping as my excuse?? 😉

  3. Going to have to look this place up! I do hate buying clothes for people for Christmas. It’s the fear of buying the wrong size… I don’t care if they can’t return it hahaha.

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