SWOTs Starting 2014

SWOTs Starting 2014

New year, time for a new SWOT analysis.  Honestly, I don’t think I’m very good at these.  I tend to bucket things into “good” and “bad”, but I guess that’s part of the point of this exercise.  As with most of the goal driven things on this blog, I originally nabbed this idea from Viva Carlos.


Simon has a year+ of showing under his belt
Consistent saddle time has me and Simon in a good place
My trainer is knowledgeable, great with Simon, and I like her instruction
Simon loves to jump and is very honest
I know when to ask for help

My weight
Lack of reliable lead changes
Simon’s short canter stride
Simon’s tendency to get nervous and anxious
My tendency to be a chicken shit


Purchase a new saddle with a better fit
Multiple weekend shows coming up this spring and summer
Cross Country Schooling

Simon’s long term soundness
Getting discouraged if we aren’t competitive


Overall, I feel like we’re in a really good place to start this year.  Of course we know that with horses there are no guarantees and things can change.  Going to do my best to improve the weaknesses on all accounts as well.

Do you like doing SWOTs with your riding life?

17 thoughts on “SWOTs Starting 2014

  1. Not sure why but I’ve never outlined it organized my riding goals like this. Maybe because I have to do SWOT for work it makes riding seem like work for me. I envy your organizational skills!

  2. We had to do SWOTs at my previous job and I think I’m now allergic to them, even if used for good. Still, it’s a good way to look at things, especially if it helps you get stuff into perspective!

  3. I have a hard time being positive with SWOTs. I start seeing everything as a weakness and a challenge. I probably should practice that more.

    You sound like you are on the right track for a very successful year. Here’s hoping for sound horses and good luck!

  4. I HATE looking at things as weaknesses … better to call it a needs improvement category or things to work on. A weakness seems like something you’re stuck with and you are DEFINITELY not stuck with any of those. :0)

    I am glad your strengths category has so many items listed; good for you!

  5. I really need to do a SWOT or even goal outline…not sure why I resist. I tend to adjust week-to-week, I guess, but it would be helpful to have some concrete idea of where I want to be. Having my first young horse has made me reluctant to goal-set as I wanted to be sensitive to what he is ready for. He’s coming 5 end of May, so I guess it’s time for me to impose some goals.

  6. I find it hard to do this with 3 horses on the go but I do think it’s a good exercise to put things into perspective.

    Finances are always the biggest threat! lol

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