SWOTs Spring 2013

SWOTs Spring 2013

Thought this strength, weakness, opportunities and threat analysis I saw over at Viva Carlos was insightful and thought provoking, so wanted to post my own here.  Also, I leave for Wellington in 6 days and I’m starting to get stupid excited.  More about that tomorrow.

Simon is a very good minded horse
Tim is very supportive
My job is stable and income level lets me do more this year
My barn is full of friendly, supportive people
I have been riding consistently enough to not have to ‘start over’ this year
I’m over my showing/stopping phobias

Simon’s soft tissue injury and rehab
Simon’s overall weak hind end
Simon not having lead changes
My weight and overall fitness level
Missing riding buddies/peers my age at the barn
Lack of a pro for training rides


Ability to ride other horses in the barn
Continuing to work out and improve strength
Local/schooling shows
Purchasing new saddle for a better fit
Taking more dressage lessons

Simon’s long term soundness
Turnout situation at current barn


Honestly, when I write it all down it seems like a lot to overcome.  I still have the dream of doing 2’6″ at rated shows with him, but right now all I can say is I’m glad he’s young because it might take us until he retires to get there.  At least he’s sound and happy at the moment, I guess I should just be thankful for that!

6 thoughts on “SWOTs Spring 2013

  1. When things feel like a lot to overcome I do my best to break everything into manageable chunks and start working from there (I think my A-type is showing again..)

    1. Yeah, that’s a really good point. I know how to break down little goals for me, but some how it seems harder to do for the horse and some of the other weak areas.

  2. I know that for myself, I focus on one goal at a time. That goal might really be part of a larger goal, but I try not to worry about that. For example, I want to go to RAAC again this summer and be competitive, but I need two qualifying scores to get there. Rather than focusing on the RAAC, I am focusing on one show at a time. If we earn a qualifying score, great, and if not, I focus on why not and work on it. If I just looked at being competitive at the RAAC, I wouldn’t ever get there.

    My goals also tend to be pretty small; I never aim for the moon. For me, the good thing about small goals is that I usually achieve them. Every time I achieve a small goal, it leads to the achievement of another goal, and before I know it, I am feeling quite successful. Others may not view my accomplishments as anything special, but I don’t really care what they think. I know I am moving forward on a successful path.

    And to be honest, I don’t like to list my weaknesses. I know what they are. It’s not like I am trying to hide them or cover them up either. It’s just that listing them can seem pretty daunting. Instead, I focus on what I am or have RIGHT now. Those are the tools that I have to work with. It’s like saying I want to build a house, but I can’t because I don’t have a skill saw, or a table saw, or whatever. Okay, fine. What do I have? I have a horse that will get in the trailer, tack, a stack of tests, and a few bucks to pay for an entry. I my not be able to build a mansion, but I can certainly build a dog house! :0)

    I think you should focus on your strengths and opportunities and build with those. Pick a small goal, get it done, and move on to the small goal. Within no time you will be able to look back and see a mountain of accomplishments with your name written (and Simon’s) all over it! :0)

  3. It’s always good to put things into writing and SWOT is a great tool. I think a lot of your strengths outweigh the bad. Which is definitely how you want it!

    Good luck!

    p.s. I can’t wait to hear all about Wellington! I’m so very jealous.

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