SWOTs Summer 2013

SWOTs Summer 2013

A lot has changed since the first time I evaluated our SWOTs and I snagged the original idea from this post from Viva Carlos. Let’s be honest – I snag most motivational tools that remind me what I need to work on from her blog, because it’s the bestest.

I looked back on the first post the other day, and realized that a ton has changed since March and July… so even though spring and summer are pretty close time wise I thought it was time to re-evaluate.


Simon is a very good minded horse
Tim is very supportive
My job is stable and income level lets me do more this year
My barn is full of friendly, supportive people – plus nice facilities, good turnout
My riding fitness is better than it has been in many years
I’m over my showing/stopping phobias I’m less nervous showing than last year


Simon’s overall weak hind end
Funds available for showing in order to get him more miles
My weight and overall fitness level
Simon not having lead changes Simon green with lead changes
Simon’s soft tissue injury and rehab
Missing riding buddies/peers my age at the barn
Lack of a pro for training rides


Use my new gym membership to get to work out 3-4 times a week instead of 1-2
My trainer travels to 1-2 shows per month
Weekly training rides for Simon
Purchasing new saddle for a better fit
Taking more dressage lessons
Ability to ride other horses in the barn


Simon’s long term soundness
Budgeting better for injections, shows and emergencies
Turnout situation at current barn

As with all things, I lost some advantages when I moved barns because there are pros and cons everywhere. I got better turnout, but lost ability to ride a lot of different horses. I lost dressage lessons, but gained weekly training rides… and a higher monthly spend overall 🙂

Still I feel in a lot better place than I did in the spring. My horse is going around. I have a plan to improve, and the goals no longer seem so unattainable!

11 thoughts on “SWOTs Summer 2013

  1. Good idea for a post! I might have to steal it at some point! 🙂 Sounds like things are looking good for you right now. I hear you on the money and the weight angles though – those ones are tricky… I’m glad your horse is sound – that is half the battle right there!

  2. Just wanted to say that you guys are doing so awesome! I see the changes in you over such a short period of time and that is SUCH an inspiration! Keep it up :).

  3. I like this, and I remember your first one- you’ve definitely improved! I feel like I’m in a stuck mood- maybe I should do this, so that in a few months, I can look back and feel like perhaps I’ve improved…

  4. I am so happy to read that last sentence, “I have a plan to improve, and the goals no longer seem so unattainable!” That’s a healthy, productive, goal producing attitude! :0)

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