Spooky! Scary!

Spooky! Scary!

I hit Halloween pretty hard this weekend. While I feel like I need a few days of doing nothing but laying on my couch watching New Girl, I had a great time and regret nothing.


Except forgetting to eat dinner before the party, and getting drunk on devil punch within about a half an hour. To the lovely person who rides Olly at my barn (you know who you are) that I acted like I had never met you before, I apologize. It was the rum talking. Happy Halloween?

Should have eaten more of this super cute cheese ball
Should have eaten more of this super cute cheese ball

When I woke up the next morning, I woke up to a lot of interesting pictures and thoughts.

Like what is even happening here?
Like what is even happening here?

I thought I was not going to survive my hangover (spoiler alert – I did).


I thought it might be easier to set my house on fire than it would be to clean it. This thought was confirmed later when I attempted to clean and found jello shot containers tossed in one of my craft baskets.


I thought, Why is there a dried up dog turd in the Halloween candy from the pinata? How many people dug through this candy anyway to get Almond Joys? Can I still take this to work on Tuesday since everything is individually wrapped?


Mostly I thought that I had so many great, funny people in my life. On Saturday evening my backyard was filled with characters from cartoons, movies and comic books. We also had a chicken and a unicorn. The most important part though, was that it was full of friends.

Sunday I pushed myself out to the barn for our Halloween barn party, and threw the decorations I had pulled down from my walls previously on Simon. A handful of us paraded around the ring in our pony costumes while everyone else ate delicious snacks and drank (something I will never do again… drinking that is).


Even though I was still feeling terrible, I knew I was fortunate. I’m going to leave y’all with pictures from the barn party that I didn’t take (see hangover) because I can’t word today. All you young people better believe that the two day hangover is not a myth (welcome to your 30’s).













Happy Halloween everyone. I’ll be over here chugging water and diet coke until I can go home and attempt to clean my house again before passing out.

15 thoughts on “Spooky! Scary!

  1. Aw, what a fun weekend. I don’t even know where I’d start with horse costumes, but there are some pretty good ones there.

    Those of us still in our 20s get two day hangovers too, and THE WORST are the ones where I don’t eat enough beforehand. Even if I just have 2-3 drinks, it can knock me out for 24-36 hours.

    Although the actual worst hangover of my life involved the last few cans of caffeinated Four Loko in our town before it was banned. For science…

      1. Good. Ask me why I didn’t go to Rolex this year. 🙂 The decision was like 30% “It’s raining, meh,” and 70% had a two day hangover after not eating enough before drinking. Haha.

  2. Oh the two-day hangover is so real. And after NOT EVEN DRINKING THAT MUCH! I have to pay much better attention to how well-fed and hydrated I am now that I’m in my 30’s and it’s awful.

  3. OMG the hairpiece on that horse…. BWAHAHAHAHA!

    RE two-day hangover… now you know why I never have more than one drink! 😀

  4. OMG Prince Charming and his boy and where is a picture of someone falling off her pony in the ride-a-buck race? 🙂

  5. Hm so you’re saying I can’t hydrate on mimosas for much longer, I take it? Good to know.

    Also I have no idea why that seemed like a good plan or why it didn’t backfire terribly.

    Love the costumes!

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