Halloween Throwback – Pups in Costume

Halloween Throwback – Pups in Costume

Once upon a time, Eliot was an only dog.  In fact, for several Halloweens he was an only dog, which meant we did really silly things that you do with your first dog.

The first year, I took Eliot to a PetSmart Halloween costume party.  There was a costume contest, and a $50 PetSmart gift card on the table.  In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a tad competitive.

I also love musicals.


So my mom (who is a sewing genius) helped make this “Phantom of the Pawpra” costume for Eliot based off of a pattern for a Dracula dog costume.



We went to the party, which had lots of cute dogs in costumes.




And we won the prize.  Woot!


Another year, we had a pretty epic party at my now husband’s apartment.  The theme was Zombies vs Ninjas vs Pirates.  Majority of the photos from that party will never be shared, because… drinking.


The reason this party is of mention in the post, is that Eliot was in full attendance.  Because I am a crazy person, at one point I got a new costume for my dog every year.. this year he was a little devil.


His favorite part of the party was the fact that there were a lot of smokers (smoking is bad… mmmkay).  Whenever people went outside to smoke, he would bring them his hot dog toy.  Which they would throw, and he would fetch.  And again… And again… You get the idea.


This went on until around 3:00am.


The next day he was so exhausted and slept for about two days straight, but I’m pretty sure Eliot thought that 2008 was the best Halloween ever.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Be safe tonight and may you enjoy putting your pets in costumes 😀

16 thoughts on “Halloween Throwback – Pups in Costume

  1. I love it!!

    I bought a dragon costume for Buttons (Corgi/Dachshund) a couple of years ago, which has turned into a cat costume because Buttons outgrew it. I also dress the cats in holiday sweaters every Christmas. I am a crazy cat lady?

  2. Omg! I love the hot dog photo at the bottom! I wish he was still wearing his devil horns on the top of his head. That would have been amazing! 🙂

  3. That last picture is fantastic. I bought my cat a Yoda ball cap. I put it on him when I need a laugh. Never was there a more depressed Jedi than my cat in his hat.

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