Pony Pony Pony (oh yeah, I’m getting married in 2 weeks)

Pony Pony Pony (oh yeah, I’m getting married in 2 weeks)

I went to see Teaspoon today, and loved him.  Going to ride him some more, and need to do some number crunching and barn hunting.  His owner is really sweet, and genuinely loves her horses so it’s always really great to deal with people like that.  I’ve been around horses enough to know that anything can happen and not to get my hopes up, but I’m going to go out again this week and ride.

In other highly important (probably more important than horses even) news, it’s officially two weeks till I walk down the aisle.  I can’t believe it’s gotten here so fast.  I know everyone says that, but it’s been 52 weeks since Tim proposed and it honestly feels like it was a month ago.  The good news is, most of the wedding stuff is all wrapped up.  I mean, I have to organize my parents to get all the vendors paid but on my end it’s just down to the nitty gritty details.  Like the freakin’ candy bar.  Who knew a damn buffet of candy was going to cause me so much trouble?

This was my inspiration

I originally thought, “Candy bar.  Order candy online.  Throw in jars – no big deal.”  That was until I waited until 2.5 weeks before the wedding to order the candy, mostly because I didn’t think keeping 20 lbs of candy in my house for 3 months was necessarily a good idea (dude, I love candy).  So I go to the online candy store to order the candy, only to find out that it’ll maybe take two weeks to get to my house, but could be more and they wanted to charge me $80 to ship the sugary goodness since “It’s hot in Austin.”  It didn’t matter that none of the candy I decided to order was really the kind that melts, oh no – $80 shipping flat rate.

So I say screw online candy store, I’ll do it myself for cheaper.  And though I did do it myself for cheaper it took a week of errand running to organize everything, and I’m still short one glass bowl because the one I bought from Walmart broke in pieces as soon as I grabbed it… awesome.

Even so, I’m proud at the sugary assortment on my coffee table right now.  I’m looking at 6 kinds of candy with 2 vegan varieties and one more vegan candy in the making.  Yeah, it was a lot of work but total spent for bowls, decorations, and candy is about $180 – $200 – and my candy order alone from the online store was going to be $230 with their outrageous shipping.

If this shit wasn’t making me so damn crazy I’d consider a career as an event planner.

3 thoughts on “Pony Pony Pony (oh yeah, I’m getting married in 2 weeks)

  1. I love candy bars at weddings!! I wanted to do one but decided it wasn’t in our budget. They’re so much fun, though, and way better than those stupid almonds you usually get! lol. (My guests didn’t get anything as a party favor at my wedding. They got a nice meal and a wallet-sized pic of me in the dress, I figured that was good enough! hehe)

    1. I totally agree about the favor thing. I basically only did this because I think it’s going to look pretty, and I do want the wedding to be a bit of an experience since people are spending a lot of time and money getting themselves to New Orleans for it!

  2. I keep telling you you’d be an awesome event planner. If you ever get sick of being someone’s graphic/web slave, you should branch out and start your own company and specialize in providing vegan/veg friend services. I’d hire you.

    I’m excited for candy!

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