Some Cool Things That Happened Last Week

Some Cool Things That Happened Last Week

The weather has finally taken a turn in Texas. Instead of feeling like you’re walking around in someone’s hot breath all the time, the cool taste of fall is back in the air. I love that feeling. It makes me want to sit on my porch all evening and stretch my arms wide open into the chill and let my body begin again. Some people associate January as a time of fresh starts and new beginnings, but for me that’s the first hint of colder weather coming.

Last year this time, I was pre-occupied with dreading a lot of important firsts. The hard to get through holidays are looming and while I can’t say I’m looking forward to dates like my anniversary and my late husband’s birthday, I know that I’ve got through them once and I’ll get through them again. I’m mixing a lot of good up with the bad in the next four weeks, and am determined not to sentiment drag me down.

With that in mind, here is a completely unorganized list of things I enjoyed last week that isn’t literary in any way.


Last week I hacked one of my favorite horses at the barn, Simon’s “brother from another mother.” It’s like hacking a unicorn. I adore him.


While attempting to shop for Halloween decorations (did you know that Christmas starts October 1st – because I sure didn’t), I got the dogs new babies. 3 dogs in the house means 3 babies – one for each so no fighting. Except Pascale wants all the babies. She waited until the other two dogs were distracted, and hoarded them in my bed.


So now I sleep with one Panther and 3 stuffed animals every night. I told y’all I was going backwards in life.

My (awesome) leasee has been telling me for weeks to ride Simon sometime, I decided to hop on him Saturday. Since I wasn’t sure if he had already been ridden or not, I just hopped on with the neck rope and planned to walk/trot around. It has been 3 months since I sat on that horse, and he packed me around tackless like a pro. Best nerd horse ever.


Though I’m still on the lookout for more Halloween decorations, my front porch got a fall makeover. I love mums. They always make me think of the big AA horse shows in North Carolina that I aspired to.


Yesterday some friends and I headed to the Austin City Limits music festival. I hadn’t been for the past two years, and didn’t realize how much I missed it. Tim hated crowds and we never had the same taste in music, so ACL has always felt like something that was “mine”. My friends and I almost overheated in the sun watching Chris Stapleton, ate too many tacos and danced in the cool night air to Mumford and Sons. It was a fantastic day.

Another great #austincitylimitsmusicfestival

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Another cool thing that happened is the amount of kind and non-judgemental posts I got on my post about selling Roman. It’s one thing to blog about mistakes you’ve made with your heart horse that you’ll never sell, but taking on a project and then realizing it was too much for me is something I never planned on doing while feeling so public. I really appreciate everyone being so kind about it, probably more than y’all realize. So thank you!

And that is your quick and dirty roundup of Lauren’s life, since I know I’m just so incredibly interesting that y’all can’t stand to be left in the dark. 😉 Upcoming points of interest include a Halloween party, trip to Vermont and hopefully selling my sweet Roman creature.

20 thoughts on “Some Cool Things That Happened Last Week

  1. I agree with you, Fall always feels like the start of something new. I’m glad you are getting out there and doing a bunch of hella fun things. Here the halloween stuff started going up before my Birthday in September! Crazy >:[

  2. I’m glad so many good things have been happening. I also look at fall as the starting point of a new year. Where I live where there is no real winter, so fall and spring feel like the two fresh starts 🙂

  3. I might like fall too if I didn’t live in New England and it didn’t lead to the misery that is winter. I like your new fall stoop decor.
    So glad you had fun with Simon recently! So nice of your lessee to share!

  4. Fall in Aridzona signaled the end of the season refered to as Hell.

    Now that I’m in Texas, I’m looking forward to it for other reasons

  5. I didn’t chime in on the Roman post because it seemed everyone had already said it, but here’s one move vote for the positive value of the #learningexperience. I’ve had a few of those myself this year. I think with horses in particular you can never know so much that any given project is a sure path to ultimate happiness. As I get older, I am realizing life is a little shiftier than I imagined when I was a younger. Your priorities shift. Your focus shifts. The reality of your day to day life shifts. I know some people who can’t do anything but battle these changes as they occur, and they are neither happy nor wise.

    Roman was good for you, and you were good for Roman. There’s nothing to feel silly about at all.

  6. Ha ha – toy hoarding must be a black lab (mix) thing. My old lab would do the exact same thing. Everyone would get a new toy/bone/whatever and before i knew it, he would collect them all and pile them in his bed.

  7. You have the cutest porch! And nerd horse. 🙂

    Also, since I’m a bit late to the party-there is no judgement about Roman. In fact, you have so much heart and bravery to come out and talk about it! I have to believe with horses that everything you go through is just part of the journey.

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